Planning permission

2. Apply for planning permission

For your planning application to be valid, it must include:

Please ensure that your location plan includes a red line around the application site – without this, we won’t be able to accept your application.

If you would like further advice before you submit your application we offer a pre-application advice service.

You can check if there are any planning constraints (e.g protected hedgerows, conservation areas) in your area by using the Natural environment planning constraints map

Planning validation criteria

See the Planning validation criteria checklist for more details of which supporting documents you need to include with your application.

Local validation requirements checklists



Householder applications - extending your homeHouseholder applications - extending your home<div class="ExternalClass1B1C6AD7F4A84C39BC323EA8303F71F1"><p>Apply for extensions to houses, bungalows, garages or other developments in the garden of a house (but not a flat) <a href="" rel="external">online using the Planning Portal</a>.<br></p><p>Use the checklist for householder extensions applications as a guide for what to include with your application.</p><div class="docList one"><div class="listWebpart"><ul><li class="pdf"> <a href="/docs/Householder%20Feb%2015.pdf"><span class="info">Checklist for householder extensions application<span class="arrow"></span></span><span class="thirdInfo">(PDF 64KB)</span></a></li></ul></div></div> <br> </div><p>For large single storey extensions which are permitted development (i.e. don't need full planning permission), you will need to <a href="/planning/planning-permission/find-out-if-you-need-planning-permission#prior">notify us through the prior approvals process</a> instead.<br></p>
AdvertisementsAdvertisements<div class="ExternalClass0BE5EBEC71284510BE763575C08E7C1C"><p>Some adverts will need a formal advertisement consent. Apply for permission to erect or display a sign, notice or advertisement <a href="" rel="external">online through the Planning Portal</a>. </p><p>Use the Checklist for advertisement consent applications as a guide for what supporting documents to include with your application.</p><div class="docList one"><div class="listWebpart"><ul><li class="pdf"> <a href="/docs/Adverts%20validation%20July%2013.pdf"><span class="info">Checklist for advertisement consent applications<span class="arrow"></span></span><span class="thirdInfo">(PDF 29KB)</span></a></li></ul></div></div><h2>Deemed consent</h2><p>Some adverts don't need consent, which is known as Deemed Consent. It is subject to certain restrictions that normally relate to:</p><ul class="list list-bullet"><li>the number or locations of adverts or signs permitted</li><li>size of the display</li><li>its height above ground</li><li>the size of any lettering</li><li>whether or not it is illuminated</li></ul><p>There are additional restrictions in areas designated as an <a href="/planning/conservation-protection-and-heritage/conservation-area">Area of Special Control of Advertisements and in Conservation Areas</a></p></div>
Protected trees and hedgerowsProtected trees and hedgerows<div class="ExternalClass2F802CB801B146748EF160A597DB2664"><p>For guidance and application forms for working on protected trees, please see our <a href="/planning/conservation-protection-and-heritage/tree-works-and-preservation/apply-for-permission-to-work-on-a-protected-tree">Tree works and preservation page</a>.<br></p><p>For guidance and to apply to remove a protected hedgerow, see our <a href="/planning/conservation-protection-and-heritage/countryside-hedges-protection-and-management">Protected countryside hedgerows page</a>.</p></div>
Listed buildingsListed buildings<div class="ExternalClassC7344C033FA24382BB07C318673F6B7E"><p>See the checklist for Listed Building Consent for guidance on what you will need to include with a planning application involving a listed building.<br></p><div class="docList one"><div class="listWebpart"><ul><li class="pdf"> <a href="/planning/conservation-protection-and-heritage/listed-buildings"><span class="info">Checklist for Listed Building Consent application<span class="arrow"></span></span><span class="thirdInfo"> (PDF 59KB)</span></a></li></ul></div></div> <br></div>

Application fees

You can find out how much your application will cost by using the online fee calculator.

You may also be required to pay a Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) if your new floor area exceeds 100sq metres.

How to apply

The easiest way to apply for planning permission is online using the Planning Portal.

Apply for planning permission online External link

You can also apply by post using the paper application form.

Please be aware that there are some types of applications that need to be sent to us directly.

Outline Planning Permission and Reserved Matters

If you are submitting an outline proposal for planning permission or you have been granted outline permission and want to add more details then you can find out more information and apply through the Planning Portal. You will still need to refer to the Local Validation Criteria (PDF 129KB) in your application.

Amending an application

You can make small changes to your application without having to make a new planning application. See what changes are allowed as a non-material amendment(PDF 20KB). If you already have Building Regulations approval then you will also need to let your Building Control Service provider know of the changes. For anything not classed as a small change you will need to make a new planning application. A non-material amendment application form and guidance notes for completing it are available from the Planning Portal.