Planning Protocol: Delivering Growth, Working Together

Our expectations of developers during the planning process, and our commitments to how we will work to support them.


It has been a time of significant change for Leeds in recent years: Leeds has the largest centre outside London for financial and business services, digital, creative, publishing and broadcasting; the second highest concentration of knowledge intensive jobs. The Council’s ambitious Core Strategy sees a commitment to delivering thousands of new houses whilst retaining the focus on building strong and vibrant communities with the emphasis on good place making and high quality homes.

This sustainable growth can only happen if the right development comes forward in the right place at the right time and works successfully if there is collaboration between the Council, local communities and developers to secure that growth.

This planning protocol therefore is the result of a joint venture between Leeds City Council and the Leeds Chamber of Commerce and sets a commitment to working together. It builds on the existing good practices of engaging with communities and front loading the planning process and aims to provide a more proactive approach in delivering the good growth needed in Leeds.

Our pledge

Together we aim to work successfully together to deliver inclusive growth within the Leeds City Council area through the planning process.

The ways we plan to achieve this are set out within the following three aims:

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  • Click to expand 2. Effective communication and engagement
  • Click to expand 3. Certainty and consistency

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This protocol sets out a shared approach to development by the Chamber of Commerce and Leeds City Council and will review on a regular basis the implementation and effectiveness of the Protocol and share best practice that emerges from such reviews.