Core Strategy for Leeds

The Core Strategy is the main document within the Local Plan for Leeds, and will replace a significant number of polices within the existing Leeds Unitary Development Plan.

The Core Strategy sets out the strategic policy framework for the district to 2028 and comprises a long-term spatial vision and strategic objectives, a spatial strategy, thematic policies and a monitoring and implementation framework.

Adoption of the Core Strategy

The Core Strategy was formally adopted by Leeds City Council on 12 November 2014, having been found sound by the Inspector appointed to oversee the public examination process, subject to the inclusion of the main modifications set out in the Appendix 1 to his report. See the report document for full details.

It now forms part of the Development Plan and will be used in determining planning applications. The council will continue to have regard to the remaining UDP ‘saved’ policies; Appendix 1 of the Core Strategy sets out a list of these policies which have been replaced by policies contained within the Core Strategy.

All Local Plan documents will be directly guided by the Core Strategy policies, including the Site Allocations Plan, Aire Valley Leeds Area Action Plan and neighbourhood plans.

The Sustainability Appraisal Adoption Statement is a supporting document to the Core Strategy which outlines how sustainability, and in particular environmental considerations have been integrated into the Core Strategy document.

Implementation of Core Strategy Policies EN1 and EN2

The Government released a Written Ministerial Statement on 25 March 2015 which represents a change to national planning policy. Our approach to implementing Core Strategy Policies EN1 and EN2 in light of the Written Ministerial Statement is set out in the document below.

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