Conservation Areas

Conservation Areas are protected areas of special architectural or historic interest. They are designated by the council, and protect the character and appearance of a whole area, not just its buildings.

The council has extra controls within Conservation Areas to help preserve and enhance their character and appearance:


Stricter rules apply in conservation areas regarding the type and size of advertisements that can be erected without advertisement consent.

Advertisement consent applications should show that the proposals preserve or enhance the character and appearance of the area.  

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Planning permission is needed for some demolition in a conservation area. The exceptions to this are:  

  • listed buildings that are separately controlled through listed building consent
  • buildings under 115 cubic metres
  • gates, walls and fences less than 1 metre high fronting a highway or less than 2 metres high elsewhere
Where the building or structure to be demolished makes a positive contribution to the character or appearance of the conservation area, and the demolition requires planning permission, justification will be needed in line with the guidance provided in the National Planning Policy Framework - particularly Chapter 16, paragraphs 192 - 196.  

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Major developments - new buildings, extensions and alterations

Any new development that needs planning permission, including new builds, extensions and alterations to existing buildings should demonstrate that it preserves or enhances the special character of the area. This does not mean that all new buildings have to be exact replicas of past styles.

Minor developments

Permitted development rights are restricted, meaning that planning permission is required for some works that normally wouldn’t need it, including:  

  • small extensions
  • roof extensions including dormer windows
  • cladding or rendering
  • some satellite dishes and radio masts
  • some chimneys, flues, soil and vent pipes
  • some solar panels

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Trees are an essential part of the character of many conservation areas. Some may be specifically protected by Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs) but conservation area designation gives additional protection.  

Find out what tree works need permission in conservation areas and how to apply

Locations, appraisals and management plans

There are 81 Conservation Areas in the Leeds district. Their locations can be seen on the Conservation Area map:

54 of the Conservation Areas have appraisals and management plans, which set out what is special about the area and how to preserve or enhance its character and appearance.

Report unauthorised work

If you are concerned that unauthorised works are being carried out in a Conservation Area, please contact our Enforcement team who will investigate and take the necessary action. This may involve negotiation, serving enforcement notices or starting prosecution proceedings.

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