Planning permission

3. What happens next

What happens once a planning application has been submitted, and how to track the status of an application.

Once you’ve submitted your application it will be made public to allow people to make comments - they have twenty one days to do this. You can track the status of the application on Public Access.

When making a decision about planning permission a case officer will visit the site and take into consideration planning policy and any comments on the application. The case officer will contact you by email or telephone if any changes need to be made on your application. Larger, more complex or controversial applications may need to be decided by a panel of Councillors.

Typical timescales are:

  • 8 weeks for household applications and small commercial applications
  • 13 weeks for very large scale developments

Wherever possible the decision will be sent to you by email. The decision is also published on Public Access.

If your application is approved you may need to apply for building regulations approval, or, if your development involves building at or near a boundary wall, you may need consent from neighbouring landowners.

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