Building regulations

2. Apply for building regulations approval

Exempt buildings

Certain buildings are exempt from building regulations. Examples of exempt buildings are small conservatories, porches and sheds. More details on exempt buildings are available from the planning portal.

Please be aware that you may still require planning permission.

How to apply

Before undertaking any work which requires building regulations approval, it is your responsibility to ensure one of the following is submitted:



Full plans application - suitable for all building workFull plans application - suitable for all building work<div class="ExternalClassF466F97628B54D37B83BE948EEF84A7A"><p>A Full Plans application is suitable for all building work, and a plan charge is payable when plans are submitted. You will need to pay an inspection charge after the first inspection. <a rel="external" href="">More details are available on the Planning Portal</a>.<br></p><h3>Apply by post or email</h3><div class="panel"><p>Download, complete and email or post your application form back to us:</p><h4>Email</h4><div class="text-block"><p> <a href=""></a></p></div><h4>Post</h4><div class="text-block"><p>Building Control<br>Leeds City Council<br> 9th Floor, Merrion House<br> 110 Merrion Centre<br> Leeds<br> LS2 8BB<br></p></div></div><div class="docList one"><div class="listWebpart"><ul><li class="pdf"> <a href="/docs/Building%20regulation%20full%20plans%20submission.pdf"> <span class="info">Full Plans application form<span class="arrow"></span></span><span class="thirdInfo">(PDF, 1.7MB)</span></a></li></ul></div></div><h3>Apply online</h3> <a rel="external" class="btn btn-primary btn-arrow" href="">Submit a full plans application online<span class="sr-only">External link</span></a><br></div>
Building notice - suitable for minor worksBuilding notice - suitable for minor works<div class="ExternalClass10D2AF9D16BE4B63BF9FEF1E4D29C546"><p>A Building Notice can be used for minor works. Full plans are not required with a building notice application.</p><p>Building notices <strong>cannot</strong> be used for work on:</p><ul class="list list-bullet"><li>commercial buildings<br></li><li>flats<br></li><li>work over or near a public sewer</li></ul><p> <a rel="external" href="">More details about building notices are available on the Planning Portal</a>.</p><h3>How to apply</h3><div class="panel"><p>You can apply by phone, or alternatively, download and complete your application form and return to us by post or email:</p><h4>Email</h4><div class="text-block"><p> <a href=""></a></p></div><h4>Post<br></h4><div class="text-block"><p>Building Control<br>Leeds City Council<br> 9th Floor, Merrion House<br> 110 Merrion Centre<br> Leeds<br> LS2 8BB<br></p></div><h4>Phone</h4><div class="text-block"><p>0113 378 6006<br><span class="font-xsmall">(8.30am - 5pm Mon to Fri, voicemail outside of these hours)</span></p><div class="docList one"><div class="listWebpart"><ul><li class="pdf"> <a href="/docs/Building%20Notice%20application%20form.pdf"> <span class="info">Building Notice application form<span class="arrow"></span></span><span class="thirdInfo"> (PDF, 1.2MB)</span></a></li></ul></div></div> <br></div></div></div>

Retrospective applications

If building work has already been completed, you will need to apply for building regulations approval retrospectively. This is known as a Regularisation application. A fee is payable when you submit the application.

Regularisation applications can only be made if your building work was completed on or after 11 November 1985.

Submit a Regularisation application online External link


See our fees schedule document for details of what you need to pay for different types of application.

Fee exemptions - disabled adaptations

A fee exemption may apply to building works that are essential to enable a disabled person to use or move around a property. To apply for this exemption, please complete and return a Charge Exemption form with your Building regulations application.

How to pay

Once your application has been received and accepted, we will give you an application reference number. You will need this before making your payment.

Pay online

Pay for a building regulations application online External link

Pay by telephone

Payments can be made over the phone with a debit or credit card. Contact us to make your payment.

Pay by cheque

Cheques should be made payable to Leeds City Council. Please include your application reference number and post to us.

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