Building regulations

3. Site inspections

Regular site inspections must be carried out to ensure that work meets building regulations.

Failure to notify us at certain stages is an offence and you or your builder may be prosecuted.

Work may also need to be uncovered for inspection. More information about the process of site inspections is available on the Planning Portal.

Stages to notify us for site inspections

1. Starting work

You should notify us before building commences.

We will arrange for one of our surveyors to visit the site. They will inspect the work and discuss any issues with you or your builder. They will also discuss an inspection plan with you, and depending on the nature of your building work, may arrange further inspection visits with you before completion. 

2. Completing work

A completion inspection must be arranged when the work has been completed.

You will receive a completion certificate to show that the work has been completed in accordance with building regulations and approved plans.

It is strongly recommended that this inspection is carried out before your builder leaves the site and before you make any final payments to them.

Book a site inspection

Please contact us before 9.30am for a site inspection that day (completion inspections excluded).

If you ring after 9.30am, the inspection will depend on the surveyor’s availability.

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