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Safer Leeds

Safer Leeds is the city’s Community Safety Partnership, responsible for tackling crime and disorder

We are proud of our strong record of partnership working and what we have achieved to date, and we strongly believe that we are better when we work together. The following are committed to working collectively through Safer Leeds:

Responsible Authorities

  • Leeds City Council; West Yorkshire Police; Leeds Clinical Commissioning Groups; West Yorkshire Community Rehabilitation Company; West Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service; National Probation Trust

Co-operating Bodies

  • Leeds Children’s Trust Board; Leeds Safeguarding Children Board; Leeds Safeguarding Adults Board; HM Prison Service; Office of the Police & Crime Commissioner; Third Sector Partnerships

Our Outcome

We want people in Leeds to be safe and feel safe in their homes, in the streets, and the places they go…

Our Focus

  • Promoting community tolerance and respect
  • Keeping people safe from harm
  • Protecting homes and business

Our Priorities

Safer Leeds has agreed the following priorities:

  • Anti-social behaviour, domestic violence and abuse, hate crime/ community tensions, offending behaviours, serious acquisitive crime and vulnerable victims with a focus on the following cross-cutting issues; alcohol, drugs and mental health

We will strengthen existing partnership and forge new ones to find solutions to local concerns; improve public confidence and build stronger communities. We firmly believe one victim is one too many and everyone has the right to live in a safe and tolerant society and that everyone has a responsibility to behave in a way that respects this right.

Find out more about our plans, news and stories on this website.