Making a noise complaint

Find out how to report noise that's happening during the day, at night or follow up on a complaint you've already made.

Noise during the day

Answer a few questions if the noise is happening between 8am and 5pm and we'll let you know how to report it.

What we’ll do about daytime noise

If you submit a complaint using our online form, we’ll get back to you to discuss your report. We will get in touch as quickly as we can depending on how serious the noise is.

We might ask you to complete a noise diary to note down the times you hear noise. If we gather enough evidence that someone is disturbing their neighbours we may be able to take legal or enforcement action to stop the noise.

Noise happening at night

If you want to urgently complain about noise happening between 5pm and 3:30am, call our out of hours number:

Phone: 0113 376 0337 (5pm to 3:30am)

What we’ll do about noise at night

If you call our out of hours number, we will discuss your complaint with you and decide how serious the noise is. We will take down your details and try to arrange for one of our teams to visit.

If we’re able to visit the site, we will ask for people to reduce their noise or end their event if it’s safe to do so. The person making the noise may have legal or enforcement action taken against them to stop the noise.

We’re not able to visit every noise complaint and your report may be passed onto our day team. We’re more likely to attend if the noise is:

  • in a residential neighbourhood
  • causing a lot of disturbance (if we get a number of complaints)

If you’ve already contacted us

Noise happening in the day

If you have submitted a noise complaint using our form, we should get back to you within a week. If we have not been in touch, call us on 0113 222 4402.

If you have new information about your complaint, contact your case officer directly. You will have received their phone number by email or text. If you do not have your case officer’s number, call 0113 222 4402.

Noise happening at night

If you’ve reported noise to us but it has now ended, call us on 0113 376 0337 (5pm to 3:30am). We will still keep a record of your complaint but we will not visit the site.

Use this form to give us your comments. Do not use it to give us personal information - please contact us if you need to get in touch.