Report an unauthorised Gypsy or Traveller site

Find out how to report unauthorised Gypsy or Traveller sites and what we do when we receive a report.

Unauthorised sites on council land

To report an unauthorised Gypsy or Traveller site on public land contact us on 0113 378 9237 or

Once we have been alerted to an unauthorised site we will visit it within 24 hours to carry out a welfare assessment on the group of Travellers.

We will work with the residents of the site to lower the impact on the local community. We will then make a decision on whether it is appropriate for the site to remain temporarily in place or carry out an eviction.

If we decide to allow the site temporarily

We will sometimes agree for a site to remain in place for a fixed amount of time which is normally no longer than 28 days.

This will depend on the residents of the site agreeing to certain conditions such as not burning waste. We will inform other agencies (such as the police) so that they know what conditions have been agreed. 

We will aim to provide residents with rubbish disposal and temporary toilets which will lower the impact on the local community. We will visit the site regularly and work with other agencies to make sure conditions are being met. 

If we decide the site is not appropriate

We may decide that the site does not meet our conditions. If we decide that the site is not appropriate, or an agreed period has ended, we will go to court to see whether we should move the site on. If the court agrees, the site will usually be moved within a few days. 

Once the site has moved on we will clear up any waste that might be left at the site and we will try to secure the area so that a new camp cannot be set up.

Unauthorised sites on private land

If there is an unauthorised site on private land, it is the landowner's responsibility to remove it. If you are in this situation we recommend that you seek legal advice.

If a landowner is allowing an unauthorised site on their land, they may be breaking the law. We will take legal action against them so that they remove the site. If you want to report an unauthorised site on private land contact us on 0113 378 9237 or

Reporting antisocial behaviour

If you want to report antisocial behaviour at a site, you can find out more on our antisocial behaviour and crime pages or you can:

Working with Gypsy and Traveller communities

Gypsies and Travellers have always been a part of our community in Leeds. We welcome different cultures and seek to promote the contribution that Gypsies, Roma and Travellers make to society.

Find out more about our permanent and temporary sites available for Gypsy and Traveller communities.

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