Report a road, path, or cycle lane that needs cleaning

Report litter, dog mess, full bins or other waste on a public road, cycle lane or pavement. You can also report the person responsible.

Litter and debris

If a road, cycle lane or pavement needs sweeping

If there is a large amount of litter or debris. We will clear this as soon as resources allow. If there is a small amount of litter, please clear it up if you can. 

We cannot always clear leaves but will prioritise any which are putting people at risk. If the leaves are causing unsafe conditions outside a school or old people’s home, you should report it to us and let a member of their staff know as well. 

Report a road, cycle lane or pavement that needs sweeping External link

If you know who left the litter

If you know who has left the litter, you can also use this form to report them to us. You should tell us:

  • the time and date of the offence
  • a description of the person who threw the litter
  • a description of the litter
  • the registration, colour, make and model of the vehicle (if they were driving)

Report someone for littering External link

Full or damaged public bins

If a public litter bin or dog mess bin is full, report it to us and we'll empty them as soon as we can. You can also report it to us if a bin is damaged.  

You can report this by email. When you get in touch, let us know the street name, address of the nearest property or land mark by emailing

Dog mess

If there is a lot of dog poo on a street report it to us. We will clean the street within five working days. If you know who is letting their dog foul in the street, you can also report this to us and they could face a fine.  

Report dog fouling External link

Dog fouling signs

You can also use this form to request signs discouraging dog fouling in a certain area. You’ll need to explain why it is needed when filling in the form.  


Dead animal removal

Report dead animals in public places to us and we'll aim to clear them within 24 hours. It may take us longer if the animal is on a high speed road (50 miles per hour or more) or is larger such as a deer.  

Report a dead animal External link

Paint spillages

Report it to us if there is paint spilt on a public road or pavement. You can use our request a road or pavement to be swept form to report it.

Report a paint spillage External link

Fly tipping

Find out how to report fly-tipping.  

Discarded needles or drug related waste

Use this form to give us your comments. Do not use it to give us personal information - please contact us if you need to get in touch.