Parking schemes and permits

Parking schemes and permits overview

1. Overview

A resident permit parking scheme is a street or area where parking is controlled in order to help residents park their vehicles. Parking schemes are provided in areas where vehicles not belonging to residents are making parking difficult.

In most permit scheme areas, only residents, their visitors and local businesses will be eligible for permits.

Some schemes allow non-residents to park without a permit. This is usually restricted to specific locations and/or times of the day and for limited periods.

Road markings and signposts can be used to show where permit holders should park when the scheme is in operation.

Use of permits

Permits should be displayed so they can be seen clearly through the windscreen and placed on the side of the dashboard nearest the kerb. They should only be used in the zone named on the permit.

Failure to use your permit correctly may result in the issue of a parking ticket.

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