Parking and bus lane fines

1. Overview

Parking tickets and bus lane fines are also known as Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs). 

Common reasons for receiving a PCN include:

  • parking without clearly displaying a valid pay and display ticket
  • parking without payment of the parking charge
  • parking for longer than permitted
  • driving in a bus lane during restricted hours


You have 28 days to pay from the date of issue. 

You only pay 50% of the full penalty if you pay within 14 days (21 days if issued by the Enforcement Vehicle).

Further information about charges can be found in the Parking procedures manual. 

If you have lost your ticket, contact us.

If you haven’t paid after 28 days, we will increase your fine and may take legal action against you. We may use enforcement agents to recover unpaid charges, which will result in further costs.