Parking schemes and permits

School Streets permit

Find out how to apply for a School Streets permit.

A School Streets permit will allow you access to drive your vehicle during restricted times in a School Street zone. School Streets permits are free.

If you have a Blue Badge, you do not have to apply for a permit. You can access School Streets by displaying your badge.

Who can get a permit

If you live on a School Street

If you're a resident of a School Street, you can apply for a:

  • resident permit (for up to three vehicles registered at your address)
  • visitor permit for any vehicle visiting your property (one per household)

If you run a business on a School Street

You can apply for up to 10 permits for your employees or vehicles registered to your business.

These permits are not parking permits. If your street has restricted parking, you'll need to apply for a parking permit separately.


You can apply for a permit online or by visiting one of our community hubs.

You'll need to attach some documents to your application:

  • proof of address issued within the last three months (such as a council tax, business rates or utility bill)
  • proof your vehicle is registered to someone at the address (your vehicle log book, insurance document or a letter from the CEO for businesses)
If you're applying for a visitor permit, you'll only need to provide proof of address.

Apply for a permit External link

After you've applied

We will aim to get your permit to you in 10 working days but it might sometimes take a little longer.

We're asking people to avoid driving on School Streets during restricted times if possible, even if you have a permit. If you do need to use your car during restrictions, please:

  • display your permit or Blue Badge in your windscreen
  • drive at no more than 5 miles per hour

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