Council Tax Support

Who is eligible

Find out who can qualify for Council Tax Support.

Council Tax Support is a council tax discount. It reduces the amount of council tax you have to pay. The size of the discount you get depends on your income. There is a maximum discount of 75%, unless you qualify as a member of a protected group.

You may be eligible for Council Tax Support if you:

  • live in the UK
  • pay council tax
  • are on a low income

Find out if you can get Council Tax Support

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How savings, investments and property affect your Council Tax Support

If you have capital (savings, investments and property) over £16,000 you cannot claim Council Tax Support unless you or your partner (or both of you) have reached the qualifying age for State Pension Credit and one of you gets Pension Credit. 

If your capital makes you ineligible for Council Tax Support, you might still be able to get a Second Adult Rebate to help with your council tax.

Extra discount for protected groups

You can claim up to 100% discount on your council tax if you belong to a protected group. The size of your discount will depend on your income and situation.

Protected groups are:

  • pensioners
  • disabled people entitled to an Enhanced or Severe Disability Premium
  • lone parents responsible for one or more dependent children under five, they must not have a partner living with them
  • carers eligible for Carer’s Allowance
  • war widows and war pensioners, who must be in receipt of a War Widows Pension, War Disablement Pension or Armed Forces Compensation Payment

Find out how to apply for Council Tax Support.

If you claim Universal Credit

You can apply for Council Tax Support if you’re on Universal Credit.

But there are some restrictions, including:

Discounts for pensioners living with another adult

If you’re a pensioner sharing your home with someone who isn't your partner, and they can't help pay rent or council tax, you can apply for a Second Adult Rebate.

To qualify for a Second Adult Rebate, the person who shares your home must be:

  • aged 18 or over
  • not paying you rent
  • not paying council tax themselves
  • on a low income
  • not a joint tenant or joint owner

The person responsible for paying council tax must make the claim. The claim will be assessed based on the income of the second adult. 

Find out how to apply for a Second Adult Rebate.

Changes to our scheme

We update our Council Tax Support scheme each year. Read the latest information about:

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