Getting your voice heard

Share your views and experiences to make sure that the services we and others provide can meet your needs.

Have your say in plans and meetings

You have a right to be involved in all decisions affecting your life and this includes having your voice heard in meetings and plans about you. 

Your personal advisor will support you to attend meetings, have your say, and understand the outcome.

Advocacy support

You also have the right to support from an independent advocate if you want to challenge decisions about the support you were given.

Advocates can inform you about your rights and help you be heard in meetings.

If you are a care leaver up to age 25 years and require independent advocacy, information, advice and support, you can contact the Leeds Children’s Right Service through Barnardo's.

Leeds promise

The have a voice council have worked with senior leaders to develop our Leeds promise. Find our promises to support you in many different aspects of your life, and how to speak up about them. Ask your personal advisor for details.

Complaints and compliments

You have a right to complain if you are not happy with a service you have received from Leeds City Council. If you’ve a positive experience, we would love to hear your compliments too.

Find out how to feedback to children's services.

Having your say about services for care leavers

The care leavers council is a group of young people aged 17 to 25 who meet regularly and work together to improve the services care leavers receive from Leeds City Council and other agencies. 

It’s a great way to meet other care leavers, share your views and experiences, and work together on important campaigns and projects.

Getting your voice heard through elections

From the age of 18 you will have the right to vote and will need to register. This also makes it easier to do other things such as applying for housing, your passport or a bank account. 

If you need support with this speak to your personal advisor. Find out about your rights when you are leaving care.

Your rights as a care leaver

It’s important that you understand your rights. Find out more about your rights as a care leaver.

In care or leaving care

Get support and find out what you can and cannot do with Coram Voice external link.

Accessing your social care records

Find out more on your rights and access to your social care files with the Care Leavers' Association external link.

Contact us

If you have any questions or want to find out more about voice opportunities, you can get in touch with the Leeds voice, influence and change team.


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