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It's important to be registered to vote, find out more below.

To check if you're already registered to vote, please use our contact form External.

Being on the electoral register to vote increases your chances of getting applications for credit or a mortgage accepted. Everyone is responsible for registering themselves, please note that you will need to provide your national insurance number.

You can register to vote if you are 17 years old (and in some cases if you are 16). However, you can only vote when you become 18.

You qualify to register to vote if you are:

  • a British citizen
  • an EU citizen resident in the UK
  • a qualifying Commonwealth citizen* resident in the UK

*A qualifying Commonwealth citizen is someone who has leave to enter or remain in the UK, or does not require such leave.

Register to vote onlineExternal link

If you are a student you can visit the About My Vote website for information on how to register to vote.

You may also wish to register for a postal vote, or to apply for someone to vote for you - register for a proxy vote.

If you would like to know more about the registers we keep or if you want to opt out of the open register, see the Electoral and Open Register page.​

Anonymous registration

To find out more abpout how you can register anonymously, please read our guide (PDF, 258KB).

Overseas Voters

If you are an overseas voter you can register in the same way as normal using the above button, you will need your passport number and the address of where you were last registered to vote in the UK. An overseas registration lasts for a year and so will need to renewed annually.

Once you have registered you can then apply for a postal vote or a proxy vote.

Registering to vote with a learning disability

People with a learning disability have the same right to vote as everyone else. The Cabinet Office have produced a step-by-step, easy read guide to registering to vote, for people with a learning disability. This guide is an example of an application to register to vote.

GOV.UK - Registering to vote: easy read guide

Information we'll hold about you

We have a statutory obligation to retain certain information about you. To find out more detail about this please read our Privacy Notice.



Can I vote if I have no permanent or fixed address?, Electorial registration form for someone with no fixed or permanent addressCan I vote if I have no permanent or fixed address?<div class="ExternalClass983D1965F38549C7AD4E652B071F3019">​​<p>You can still register to vote even if you do not have a fixed address. This could be because:</p> <p></p> <ul><li>you are homeless or have no fixed address</li> <li>you are a person who has been remanded in custody, but you have not yet been convicted of any offence</li> <li>you are a patient in a mental health hospital<span id="ms-rterangecursor-start" style="display:none;"></span><span id="ms-rterangecursor-end" style="display:none;"></span></li></ul> <p>To register, you need to give an address where you would be living if it were not for your current situation or an address where you have lived in the past. If you are homeless, you can give details of where you spend a substantial part of your time.<br><br> Follow the link below for further information on how to register.​​​​​</p></div>
Can I register at two addresses?Can I register at two addresses?<div class="ExternalClass115C51B3C9034C3B80B4F6B74948AB43"><p>People are usually registered at one address only, which they consider to be their permanent home address. Students can register at their term-time address and their non-term-time address. If you are living somewhere temporarily but have a permanent address, you should register at the permanent address.  ​<br></p> <p>​<span id="ms-rterangecursor-start" style="display:none;"></span><span id="ms-rterangecursor-end" style="display:none;"></span></p></div>
Can I register for a postal or proxy vote?Can I register for a postal or proxy vote?<div class="ExternalClassA1D9C87F5A024DB382DACC4FFBA04C2D"><div class="text">Everyone who is entitled to vote can apply for postal or proxy vote. For further information and details of how to apply, visit the <a href="/council/Pages/postal-voting.aspx" title="Postal voting"> Postal Voting</a> page or the <a href="/council/Pages/Proxy-voting.aspx" title="Proxy voting page"> Proxy voting</a> page.​</div></div>
Can I register by post?, Register to vote by post formCan I register by post?<div class="ExternalClass18876A8167974FEEB01A5D446352998E"><div class="text"><p>Yes. You need to download and print off an application form from the link below and return it to: </p> <div class="text-block"><p> Electoral Services<br> Level 2 <br>Town Hall <br>The Headrow <br>Leeds<br> LS1 3AD​ ​​​​​ </p></div></div></div>
How can I get confirmation that I'm registered to vote?How can I get confirmation that I'm registered to vote?<div class="ExternalClass2DCACC4E90AD42929F5DCE4C3DD37B54"><div class="text"><p>​If you have recently registered to vote you will receive a letter of confirmation around the first working day of the month.<br></p><p>If you just want to find out if you are on the register but don't need a letter to prove it then you can use our <a href="" rel="external">contact form<span class="sr-only"> external link</span></a>. <br></p><p> If you have not recently applied but need official confirmation that you are registered to vote for a mortgage, loan or credit agreement, or similar, we can send you an official letter. To request this please use our <a href="" rel="external">contact form<span class="sr-only"> external link</span>.</a><br></p><p>There are no charges for these services.<br></p> </div></div>
How can I change my name or correct a spelling mistake on the register?How can I change my name or correct a spelling mistake on the register?<div class="ExternalClass54DED72AF8F84D1892EA95179FE028C3"><div class="text"><p>You need to re-register with the correct details through the <a href="" title="register to vote external website" rel="external">national registration site<span class="sr-only"> external link</span></a>. You will need your national insurance number to hand.​​</p></div></div>
How do I opt out of the open register?How do I opt out of the open register?<div class="ExternalClass16383703CBFC473EBDD98DB20D34FCD6"><div class="text"><p>​To opt out of the open register please fill out and send us the '<a title="Open register opt out form PDF" href="/docs/open%20register%20opt%20out%20form.pdf" rel="pdf">Open register opt out form'</a>.<br></p><p>Return it by post to:</p><div class="text-block"><p> Electoral Services<br>Level 2 <br> Town Hall <br> The Headrow <br> Leeds  <br>LS1 3AD​ ​​​​​</p></div></div></div>
I've just moved house. Do I need to re-register?I've just moved house. Do I need to re-register?<div class="ExternalClass1A8452BA2F6543D0B8F3F308361FE895"><div class="text">​Yes.  Go to the <a href="" title=" register to vote online external website" rel="external">official government website<span class="sr-only"> external link</span></a>. You will need to provide some personal information including your national insurance number.</div></div>



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