Proxy voting

If you would like to nominate someone you trust to go to the polling station and vote on your behalf, you can apply for a proxy vote.

Please be aware that the person you appoint as your proxy will be required to cast your vote at your polling station in Leeds. They will receive a proxy poll card telling them where and when to cast your vote.

You can still vote in person, provided you do so before the proxy has voted for you.

The person you choose to be your proxy can be anybody, as long as they are registered to vote at the election. If either of you need to register, go to the national registration site external link.

Everyone is entitled to apply for a proxy vote for one specific polling day. To do this please use this form:

Postal proxy votes

If you appoint a proxy that is unable to attend your polling station in Leeds they may apply for a postal vote after you have nominated them. They would need to do this as a separate application - if they already vote by post, they would need to apply separately to cast your vote by post.

If you are a nominated proxy and want to apply for a postal vote please use this form:

Apply for all future elections

If you have special requirements, you may be able to apply for a proxy for all elections. The different application forms to be able to vote by proxy at all elections can be downloaded from external link

Completed forms need to be returned to the following address:

Electoral Services
Leeds Town Hall
The Headrow

Emergency proxy applications

In certain circumstances, due to either a medical or employment emergency that happens after the deadline to apply for a proxy vote for an upcoming election has already passed, you can apply to vote by emergency proxy.

Applications forms must be received at Electoral Services (using the above address)

The application forms you will need to complete are below:

What if I am unable to sign?

If you are unable to sign, because of a disability or illness, or you are unable to read or write or are unable to sign in a consistent or distinctive manner, you can apply to vote by proxy and waiver for the requirement of a signature using this form:

Information we'll hold about you

We have a statutory obligation to retain certain information about you. To find out more detail about this please read our Privacy Notice.



Proxy application form with waiver Application (Waiver).pdf100154pdf
Postal proxy application form proxy application form.pdf127050pdf
Emergency proxy application for employment reasons proxy application for employment reasons.pdf134027pdf
Emergency proxy application for medical reasons proxy application for medical reasons.pdf145395pdf
Electoral Registration Data Protection Policy Statement Registration Data Protection Policy Statement.pdf95335pdf
Electoral Registration Appropriate Policy Document Registration Appropriate Policy Document.pdf199854pdf
Proxy voting application form (one election only) voting application form (one election only).pdf105419pdf

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