Postal voting

You can request a postal vote for one election, a set period of time, or permanently.

How to apply

You must first be registered to vote at the correct address before you can apply for a postal vote. If you need to register, go to the national registration siteExternal link.

If you have moved house or changed your name, you need to register to vote again and re-apply for a postal vote.

You can apply for a postal vote by completing the Postal vote application form (PDF, 16KB)External link and returning it to:

Electoral Services
Level 2
Town Hall
The Headrow
Leeds LS1 3AD

You can apply for one election, a set period of time or permanently.

If you opt for a permanent postal vote you are still be legally required to refresh your signature every five years to make sure we have a copy of your current signature. We will contact you when it is time to do so.​

Information we'll hold about you

We have a statutory obligation to retain certain information about you. To find out more detail about this please read our Privacy Notice.



Can someone vote by post on my behalf? (Postal proxy vote)Can someone vote by post on my behalf? (Postal proxy vote)<div class="ExternalClass1B314C19F7984015B2D37086477D3059"><div class="text">​​ <p> Yes, but you must appoint someone as your proxy first. Please visit the <a href="/your-council/elections/proxy-voting">proxy voting page</a> for more information.</p></div></div>
If I apply for a postal vote, will I still be able to vote in person?If I apply for a postal vote, will I still be able to vote in person?<div class="ExternalClass9AFF87210BF64ED0AD99E81050A30C8E">​​If you change your mind before <strong>5pm</strong> on <strong>Wednesday 18 April</strong> you can cancel your postal voting arrangement. Please see section “I want to cancel my postal vote” below.<br>But once that date has passed and you have been granted a postal vote you can no longer vote in person. You can hand your postal ballot in at a polling station within your ward if this is more convenient than returning by post, but you cannot be issued with a ballot paper from the polling station.​​​<br></div>
I want to cancel my postal voteI want to cancel my postal vote<div class="ExternalClass5E1170F598F6467B80937A8E8FA00AE0"><div class="text"><p>You can cancel your postal vote before 5pm on Wednesday 18 April if you wish to vote in person, this can be done by placing the request in writing to our office at Leeds Town Hall:</p><div class="text-block"><p>Electoral Services<br> Level 2<br> Town Hall<br> The Headrow<br> Leeds<br> LS1 3AD</p></div><p>Or by using our eform:</p> <a data-bind="text: pageTitle" class="btn btn-primary btn-arrow" href="" rel="external">Start form<span class="sr-only"> external link</span></a> </div><br></div>
What if I am unable to sign?What if I am unable to sign?<div class="ExternalClassFF233478D6AC48329FF1C20A0D6406E1"><p>If you are unable to sign, because of a disability or illness, or you are unable to read or write or are unable to sign in a consistent or distinctive manner, please let us know in the relevant box on the <strong><a href="/docs/Application%20to%20Vote%20by%20Post.pdf">application form (PDF 16KB)</a></strong>.​​​​​​​<br></p></div> <br><br>
Will I still get a polling card if I apply for a postal vote?Will I still get a polling card if I apply for a postal vote?<div class="ExternalClass73A1780227EA46A783F351F663B91D89"><p>​​If you apply for a postal vote before polling cards are posted, you will get a polling card advising you to expect your postal ballot pack. If you apply after poll cards are posted, you will not receive a card prior to your postal ballot pack.​​</p></div>



Postal proxy application form proxy application form.pdf127050pdf
Postal vote application form to vote by post.pdf30361pdf
Electoral Registration Data Protection Policy Statement Registration Data Protection Policy Statement.pdf95335pdf
Electoral Registration Appropriate Policy Document Registration Appropriate Policy Document.pdf199854pdf

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