Leeds Shared Lives

Shared Lives – respite care and day support

Shared Lives carers provide care in their own homes. It can be for a few hours, overnight, or even a couple of weeks.

How it works

Shared Lives is where you spend time in the home of a trained, approved carer so they can give you care and support.

Their support can include:

  • help washing, dressing and going to the toilet
  • preparing meals and medication
  • companionship and getting out and about

Shared Lives carers help:

  • older people
  • adults with dementia
  • adults with mental health issues
  • people with physical or sensory difficulties
  • adults with learning disabilities

When you are referred to us, we carefully match you with a Shared Lives carer who can meet your care needs. We will help you decide what type of care they should provide and how often you should visit them.

Read our care rating report by the Care Quality Commission External link.

Types of care

There are two types of Shared Lives care we may suggest. You could get one or both of them.

1. Day support

You can visit your Shared Lives carer for a day or a few hours. It can be once every week or every so often.

You may spend time in their home or they could take you out to activities and groups.

This could be a way for you to:

  • enjoy a change of scene
  • meet people and make friends
  • find new interests and develop skills
  • get support with physical, social, emotional and cultural needs
  • give your usual carer a break

Cost of day support

Daytime support costs £9.90 an hour, but you may get help to pay for it from the council.

You will need to have a financial assessment to work out how much help you will get to pay for it. Find out more about the cost of care and support services.

2. Short breaks (respite care)

You can stay in the home of your Shared Lives carer while they look after you. This is flexible and can be for:

  • short overnight stays
  • a weekend or a few days
  • weekly stays
  • two weeks or more

This is a way to give you or your usual carer a break. Or it can help if there's an emergency. For example, if your usual carer is unwell or in a crisis.

Cost of respite care

The cost of Shared Lives respite care depends on your age. You cannot get help to pay for it from the council.

Cost of Shared Lives respite care
Age of personCost
Under 25
£78.80 a week
25 to pensionable age
£94.40 a week
People of pensionable age
£172.80 a week

Who can get it

You will need to have an assessment to see if you can get a Shared Lives carer.

To give you an idea, you may be offered a Shared Lives carer if:

  • you are aged 18 or older
  • you live in Leeds
  • you have a needs assessment that shows you have care needs
  • you usually get care from a family member or informal carer
  • you or your carer need a break

How to get it

You must have an assessment with adult social care to decide if a Shared Lives carer is right for you. Find out how to get assessed by adult social care.

If you already get support from adult social care, you can ask your social worker, support worker or care manager about getting a Shared Lives carer.

Looking after a friend or relative?

If you are a carer looking after a friend or relative, we can support you and arrange respite care so you can take a break. Get a carer's assessment.

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