Types of support from adult social care

Find out the different types of support we might suggest for you and what social care looks like in Leeds.

How we'll help

When you contact us we may arrange for you to have an assessment with a member of our team. They'll work with you to make a plan to help you live well.

What is in a care and support plan

Your plan could be for long term support, or it could be for a short time until you're feeling better after an illness or change.

The plan could include support from lots of different places, including volunteer helpers, community groups and charities. And, if your assessment shows you need it, we could include things like equipment or professional care and support services.

Living well

Your plan could include ways to help you stay independent and do the things you enjoy. This could be adapted equipment to make daily tasks easier, help getting out and about, and finding ways to reconnect you with friends and family.

We can also help you find groups in your neighbourhood where you can go to a coffee morning, do arts and crafts, take part in gardening projects, or join day trips.

Safety around your home

To help you stay safe at home, we might suggest useful equipment like personal safety alarms and adjustable beds. You might also need home adaptations like wider doorways, ramps and stair lifts.

Find out more about:

Daytime activities in supported environments

You could join daytime groups where you can do hobbies and activities you enjoy. These groups are safe, supported environments that are a great way to socialise. You might want to further your education in a supported environment too.

Care in your home

Your assessment might show that you need a care worker to support you with washing, dressing and using the toilet. They may also support with meals and taking your medication. This could be long term or just while you recover from illness or injury. See more about care in your home.

Care homes and supported living

If you need it, we can help you find the accommodation that works best for you. You might be eligible for housing with 24 hour on call assistance, supported housing, or extra care housing. You might need to move to a residential care home or nursing home. Find out about care homes and supported living.

Support if you look after someone

If you look after a friend or relative, you might benefit from help around the home so that you can focus on caring for them.

For when you need a break, the person you care for might need respite care (a short break). We can also give advice on benefits you could get or help you find support groups. See more about support for carers.

How to get help

To talk to us about your needs and plan your support, see how to get help.

You'll be responsible for the cost of the care and support in your plan, but you may get help to pay for it. Find out more about the cost of care and support services.

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