Care in your home

Find out how to get support at home from a paid carer, including personal assistants and temporary respite care.

If you get a paid carer through the council, you might qualify for help to pay for it.

How a paid carer can help

If you need it, a paid carer can regularly visit your home to support you with daily tasks.

This can be long term or just while you get your strength and confidence back after illness or injury.

They can support you with:

  • dressing and undressing
  • getting washed and using the toilet
  • getting in and out of bed

While they are supporting you with these tasks, they can also prepare meals and remind you to take your medicines.

If a friend or relative usually looks after you, a paid carer could visit for a few hours while the friend or relative goes out, for shopping or appointments for example. This is also known as respite care.

How to get a paid carer

You can get paid carers from private care agencies, the NHS or through the council.

Private agency care

The fastest way to get paid carers is to arrange and pay for them yourself through a care agency. Often their care can include extra help like cleaning, companionship, and getting out and about.

Find local trusted care agencies on Leeds Directory external link.

Free NHS care

If you have long term complex health needs, you might qualify for free home care from the NHS. You will need to ask your GP or social worker to arrange an assessment.

Find out more about NHS Continuing Care external link.

Care through the council (social care)

You may be able to get a paid carer as part of a support plan from the council, also known as social care. Care through the council is not free, but you may qualify for help to pay for some or all of it.

There are a few different types of care we might suggest.

Short term (reablement)

Reablement support can help you get your independence back after an illness, injury or life change. It can last up to 6 weeks.             

Reablement is when someone visits your home to:             

  • support you with everyday tasks like getting washed and dressed
  • help you practise doing tasks yourself
  • find new ways for you to do activities you used to do
  • build your confidence and abilities

Talk to us to see if reablement is right for you. To get started, find out how to contact us for help.

Skills for Independent Living (SkILs) reablement

Our Care Delivery Service provides support for adults to look after themselves independently, following a change in circumstance, illness, injury or time spent in hospital. Find out more and how to get support

Home care

We might arrange for a trusted home care agency to support you. They will have a team of care workers, so you may not get the same person every time.             

You can talk to us to see if home care is right for you. To get started, find out how to contact us for help.             

Cost of home care through the council

Home care through the council costs £22.35 an hour per carer, but you may get help to pay for it. Find out more about the cost of services.             

Personal assistant

We may suggest you employ a personal assistant and you pay their wages with the help of direct payments from the council.             

Many people like this option because it means they can choose their assistant and it will always be the same person.             

You could ask them to support you with:             

  • getting dressed and washed
  • making meals
  • taking your medication
  • tidying up your home
  • helping with work or education
  • going out, such as shopping or doing social activities

Talk to us to see if a personal assistant is right for you. To get started, find out more and contact us for help.             

Cost of personal assistants

If you qualify, you will get a monthly direct payment from the council to help pay your assistant's wages. You must have a financial assessment (means test) to work out if you qualify and how much your direct payment will be.             

Find out more about arranging your care with direct payments.

Respite care up to 8 hours a week

If a friend or family member usually looks after you, we might suggest you have a paid carer for short visits so that the person who looks after you can go out.             

This is a type of respite care also known as a short break, because it provides a break for the person looking after you.             

The respite carer can visit your home or accompany you on day trips and outings. They can visit once or twice a week and provide up to a maximum of 8 hours of care each week.             

You can talk to us to see if this service is right for you. To get started, find out how to contact us for help.

Cost of short break respite care through the council

This type of respite care costs £9.18 an hour if you get it through the council, but you may get help to pay for it.             

Find out more about the cost of services.

How to apply

To get care through the council, your first step is to talk to us about your needs so we can work out what will help you best. Find out how to contact us for help.

If you already get care and support from the council, contact your social worker or see how to make changes to your care.

Looking after someone?

If you're looking after a friend or relative, we can support you and help you take breaks by arranging respite care. Get support for carers.

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