British Sign Language (BSL)

If you are a BSL user you can use SignLive to connect to an online professional BSL interpreter. Simply tell SignLive that you are calling Leeds City Council from your own device.

You only need to register with SignLive once to be able to connect with Leeds City Council quickly via SignLive’s Community Directory. This is a free service available Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm.

How to access SignLive

The first time you use SignLive you will need to register. Registration ensures that you will have good video quality and that your calls are secure. Simply access SignLive on your desktop without having to download software or plug-ins. Alternatively, download the SignLive app from the App Store or Google Play.

For more information on registration and logging in to SignLive, visit

Reporting issues with SignLive

If you have diffiulty using SignLive or encounter technical issues, please contact them directly:



03308 220822

BSL Access Points

You can also use SignLive at Community Hubs and One Stop Centres, enabling you connect to an online BSL video interpreter. The video interpreter will talk to the person you would like to contact and sign their responses to you.

To access a BSL Access Point simply ask a member of staff and they will help you with this. This is a free service which is available Monday to Friday during normal office hours.

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