How to pay your council tax

You can pay your council tax by Direct Debit, by phone, by post, online or in person.

Set up or change a Direct Debit

Council tax is usually calculated for a full year, starting in April and ending in March. When you pay by Direct Debit it is split into monthly payments.

You can choose:

  • to split it into 10 monthly payments (April to January) or 12 monthly payments (April to March)
  • to make your payments on the 10th, 20th or last day of each month

Use our online form to choose your payment preferences and add or change your bank details.

You will need:

Please do not complete the direct debit form if you do not live at the address. 

If you have moved and have not yet received a council tax bill, you will need to tell us about your change of address before setting up the Direct Debit.

Set up or change a Direct Debit online

The council tax year runs from April to March, like the financial year.                

When you move into a home part way through the council tax year:                

  1. If you haven’t already, let us know which date you took over the property.
  2. You’ll get a council tax bill showing what you owe, from the date you moved in until 31 March. (If you choose the 10 month payment plan, we’ll try to calculate your payments so that they end in January. However, they may need to end in February or March depending on how late in the year you move. If you choose the 12 month option, the payments will end in March.)
  3. In April, you’ll get a new bill for the next full council tax year.

If you move out of a home before the end of the council tax year, you’ll only owe council tax up to the date you stop being responsible for the property. Just make sure you let us know about your move and we’ll calculate it for you.                 


Card payments

You'll need your council tax account number. You can find your account number on your bill. Payments made before 5pm will show on your council tax account on the next working day. Payments made after 5pm will show two working days after.

Pay online

Make a card payment online

Pay by phone

Pay using our 24 hour automated payment line:

0300 456 0484

Online banking, telephone banking and standing orders

Your council tax account number should be used as the reference number. Your account number can be found on your bill.

Name of organisation: Leeds City Council
Bank and branch name: National Westminster Bank, 8 Park Row, Leeds LS1 1QS
Branch address: Head Office Collection
Account number: 00000000
Sort code: 57-12-72

In person

You'll need a copy of your council tax bill. Take your bill to pay at a:


Make cheques payable to Leeds City Council. Your council tax account number should be used as the reference number. Your account number can be found on your bill.

Write your account number on the back of the cheque and post it to:

Leeds City Council
P.O. Box 60

Use this form to give us your comments. Do not use it to give us personal information - please contact us if you need to get in touch.