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Charges for new or replacement bins

If your bin is damaged or has gone missing you will need to order a replacement.

Due to a reduction in central government funding, we can no longer afford to provide replacement bins at entirely our own cost.

The following charges apply for black general household and brown garden waste bins. Green recycling and food waste bins (where the service is provided) are free of charge.

Bin typeCost
Standard sized 240 litre black and brown wheelie bins£15.40
Small 140 litre black wheelie bins£15.40
Black hand bins for households on bag collections only£10.00

Bins are replaced on a like for like basis e.g. standard size for standard size.

How to order

If you have a damaged household bin, require a new, or replacement bin, please use our request a new or replacement bin form to place an order.

If you are ordering a black or brown bin, please have your debit or credit card details ready.

For commercial premises, please visit our business waste page for information on waste collections.


We aim to deliver bins within 10 working days of the request being received. Deliveries take place between 7am-3pm and you do not need to be home as we will try to leave the bin in a secure place wherever possible.

Missing bins

If your bin has gone missing on collection day, please check with your neighbours to make sure it hasn’t been taken by mistake.

If you don’t find it, it may have fallen into the collection wagon. If this is the case, a new bin will have been automatically ordered by our crew and will be delivered within 7–14 working days.

Additional bins

If you are already recycling all you can, but require an additional green recycling bin or black general household waste bin, use our request a bin form.

If you are eligible for an additional black or green bin, the above charge for the black bin will apply. Additional green bins are free of charge.

We do not provide additional brown garden waste bins as they are limited to one per household and your address must be on an existing collection route. You can check if you are on a route by entering your postcode in the check your bin day search facility. If your property is on a garden waste collection route, the search results will show collection dates for the brown bin.

Removal of a bin

If you have a bin which you do not use you can request for it to be removed. You must ensure that the bin is free from any waste and presented at an easily accessible point of your property to allow the crew to collect it.

You can also use this form if you wish to opt out of garden waste collections. If there is a bin on the public footpath or road which requires removal, please visit our flytipping page for more information.

New bins for new build properties

If you are a builder or developer, please complete the online application form to request bins. Every request needs to be made using this form, regardless of the size of the development. The completed form will be submitted to the Bin Delivery Team where your request will be assessed and priced individually. Please make sure you provide as much notice as possible, as delivery of bins can take up to six weeks.

If you have moved into a new build property and require a bin, contact the developer or your landlord who will order one from us. If you have moved into a converted property the developer will need to register the property onto a bin route first. If your landlord is Leeds City Council or a related PFI scheme they need to email us directly at

Communal bins

If you use a communal bin for disposing of your waste and a replacement for a damaged or missing bin is required, please contact your landlord or managing agent, who should send the request to

Please note that charges apply for all types of communal bins, and the cost will be confirmed upon assessment of the bin size and quantity required.

Further information

More information about ordering bins can be found in our terms and conditions.​​

Bin charges terms and conditions

1. Charges

1.1 From 9 May 2017 charges apply when ordering the following bin types:

  • Black hand bins - £10 each
  • Black 140 litre and 240 litre wheelie bins - £15.40 each
  • Brown garden waste 240 litre wheelie bins - £15.40 each

1.2 There are no charges for green recycling, food waste bins and kitchen caddies (where the service is provided), or domestic medi-waste bins.

1.3 The charge is a contribution to the overall cost of the bin and does not include administrative or delivery costs.

2. Payment

2.1 Payment can be made by credit or debit card only.

2.2 Cash and cheques are not accepted as payment.

3. Eligibility

3.1 Households in receipt of garden waste collections are entitled to one 240 litre brown bin only.

3.2 Households in receipt of food waste collections are entitled to one 23 litre food waste bin for external storage and one 7 litre kitchen caddy only.

3.3 Requests for additional black general household and green recycling bins will be assessed on an individual basis in line with the criteria defined in the Residual Waste Collection Service Policy and Mixed Dry Recyclables Collection Service Policy respectively.

4. Delivery

4.1 The customer does not have to be present at the time of delivery.

4.2 A signature is not required for the bin to be delivered.

4.3 A calling card will be left at the property to confirm delivery has been made.

4.4 The customer is responsible for ensuring adequate access to the property for delivery of the bin. For example, any gates should be left locked and dogs should be kept inside the property.

4.5 The bin will be delivered within 10 working days of the order being placed, except in the circumstances listed below at 5.1.

5. Failure to deliver

5.1 Delivery of the bin will be made within 10 working days of the order, except in circumstances outside of our control, for example access issues such as locked gates, adverse weather, vehicle breakdown.

5.2 Where a bin has not been delivered for reasons such as those listed at 5.1, delivery will be attempted again as soon as is operationally possible, but no longer than 10 working days after the original delivery date.

5.3 If delivery of the bin has not been possible due to access issues, the customer must ensure there is adequate access to the property for a successful delivery within the following 10 working days.

5.4 If the bin cannot be delivered for any reason, a calling card will be left at the property to notify the resident.

6. Cancellation and refunds

6.1 The customer may cancel the order as long as the bin has not been delivered. The payment will be refunded in full.

6.2 Refunds will take up to 10 working days to be processed from the date of cancellation.

6.3 If an order is cancelled on the delivery day, the unused bin will be collected and a refund processed within 15 working days from the delivery date.

6.4 Cancellations and refunds will not be permitted in any situation other than those outlined in 6.1 and 6.3.

6.5 In instances where a replacement bin has been ordered and a bin of that type is found to be on site at the time of delivery of the new bin, the new bin will not be left. The payment will be refunded within 10 working days.

6.6 In instances where an additional bin has been ordered and the property has the maximum number of bins of that type permitted at the time of delivery of the new bin, the new bin will not be left. The payment will be refunded within 10 working days.

7. Ownership

7.1 The bin remains the property of Leeds City Council.

7.2 The bin should remain at the property for which it has been purchased.

8. General

8.1 The council remains the right to change the terms and conditions at any time, without prior notice, and accepts no liability for any loss relating to such action.

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