Garden waste collection booking


If you do not have a brown bin it is likely that our garden waste bin collection service doesn't run in your area. You will be unable to request a brown bin and should take your garden waste to one of our recycling sites.​

Did you know that you can also compost your kitchen and garden waste with indoor and outdoor composting systems? For more information please visit our Composting webpage.

We are unable to collect garden waste if you have access to a brown bin collection. We can however collect up to four lots of double bagged garden waste, as this would usually go in a brown bin. Book your collection here​

Garden waste includes:

  • grass cuttings
  • hedge clippings
  • leaves
  • dead plants
  • weeds
  • windfall fruit
  • twigs
  • small branches (must be no more than 3cm in diameter, and must be bundled up into manageable amounts no larger than 6'x4'

We do not collect wood from broken up pallets of garden sheds. Furthermore, we do not collect wood and branches small enough to be recycled in your brown bin where this service is provided. ​

Rules for collection

 A ​​​collection can be made for up to 4 items or 4 bags of garden waste. Waste must be double bagged and be the same type of waste that would go in a brown bin.

  • If you are on a garden waste collection route you cannot book a collection to remove garden waste.
  • Loose wood including twigs or branches should be secured in manageable sized bundles.
  • Items should not exceed 6'x4' in size.




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