Planning guidance

Supplementary Planning Guidance provides a more detailed explanation of how the Unitary Development Plan can be practically implemented when designing developments.

The following Supplementary planning guidance documents are available to download:

Affordable Housing

Policy H5 of the Core Strategy sets the principle that new Affordable Housing in Leeds should be made affordable enough for households on lower quartile and lower decile earnings. Affordable benchmark figures set the price that housing developers sell affordable dwellings to Registered Providers (RPs). See the Affordable Housing Benchmarks update for details.

Planning and design for health and wellbeing

Following the 2014 Planning a Healthy City report, the Planning and Design for Health and Wellbeing group has been working to influence the built environment. Through well-designed layouts and landscape, our goal is to ensure that housing and the built environment provides the best potential for happy, healthy communities.

Area specific planning guidance

These planning frameworks and statements promote regeneration and development in specific areas of the city. If you are planning a development in one of these areas we would encourage you to look at these documents before submitting any applications.

Kirkstall Road

The Kirkstall Road planning framework promotes the regeneration of the Kirkstall Road area and sets out key principles and options for the redevelopment of land and buildings.

Leeds South Bank

The South Bank Planning Statement aims to provide clarity for developers interested in developing in the south east of the city centre and explains our aspirations for promoting the City Park.

Lower Kirkgate

The Lower Kirkgate Planning Statement identifies basic objectives for the sensitive regeneration and restoration of this area.


Mabgate has been the focus of considerable change in recent years and the area is currently in a state of transition. We want to ensure that the uniqueness of the Mabgate area is retained by encouraging positive development to enhance the area and develop links with nearby areas.

Sovereign Street

The Sovereign Street Planning Statement sets out the council's aspirations for new high quality buildings and greenspace on this site.

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