Report an issue with a road or pavement

Report issues using the relevant form. 

Each issue you report is placed into one of these priority groups:

  • ​urgent - to be attended by the end of the next working day 
  • non-urgent - to be attended within 28 days of being reported
  • planned works - to be added to a schedule to be repaired at a later date when we are working in the area

For any issues not included on this page please use the Environmental reporting section. You can use it to report blocked drains and gullies, litter problems, overgrown paths, flytipping and litter issues.

Use the tree emergencies page to report fallen or damaged trees causing an obstruction to a road or pavement.

If you think a road needs new markings, crossings, traffic or parking restrictions then you can request an assessment by filling in the Traffic Management Issue form.

Can't find a form that matches your problem?

If you can't find a relevant topic either on this page or in the Environmental reporting section (which includes blocked drains, overgrown paths and litter), please use the Report a general highways problem form.

Street Register

If you are not sure if a street is maintained by us or is a private road you can use the Street Register to find out.

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