Homeless or at risk

How we can help

If you’re homeless or at risk of becoming homeless, we may be able to help.

Often the quickest way to find a new home is to rent privately.

Need somewhere to sleep tonight

If you need somewhere to sleep tonight, you can call our main office or visit a local drop in session.

Find out how to visit Leeds Housing Options.

At risk of becoming homeless

If you're at risk of becoming homeless we offer free advice and support.

We can help if you are:

Being asked to leave by family or friends

If you are being asked to leave your home by family or friends or if you are going through a break up we may be able to: 

  • speak to the people you live with and ask for an extension
  • give you advice on mediation, counselling and long term housing support
  • help you find other long term housing

To get help, contact Leeds Housing Options

Unable to pay your rent, mortgage or a deposit

If you are unable to pay your rent, mortgage or pay a deposit for a new property we may be able to: 

  • offer you a home through our Private Sector Lettings Scheme
  • give advice and put you in touch with money and debt specialists
  • negotiate with your landlord
  • give you advice on benefits and council tax support

To get help, contact Leeds Housing Options

If you need help with debt, you can also contact StepChangestep change who are a charity offering free debt advice, or visit Money Advice ServiceMoney Advice Service

At risk of eviction

If you are having problems with your landlord or have been served an eviction notice we can: 

  • negotiate with your landlord
  • give you advice on your rights as a tenant
  • check if your landlord has followed the proper steps

To get help, contact Leeds Housing Options

The first time we speak to you we'll ask questions about your situation. We are responsible for finding out what duty we owe you.

Help with other housing needs

We also offer support in other housing situations, including:

Support for families

If you have dependent children and do not qualify for homelessness assistance, you will be referred to Children’s Services for additional support.

People with mental health needs

The mental health homeless team (MHHT) provide a dedicated support service for people who are faced with homelessness and who also have mental health problems. 

Find out if you're eligible for support

Leaving hospital

Patients in a general ward

If you are in a general ward, speak to the ward sister or ward manager. Leeds Housing Options can work with the hospital to complete assessments with you in the ward and also see if there are any adaptations to help you stay in your home. 

Patients in a mental health ward

If you are a patient in a mental health ward, speak to a Community Links worker based at the hospital. Community Links will work with Leeds Housing Options to make sure that you have housing available when you leave hospital. 

Leaving prison

You can speak to a housing advice and resettlement worker at the prison as soon as you know your release date. You can also set up an assessment with one of Leeds Housing Options specially trained housing workers. 

Fleeing domestic violence

If you are not safe in your home you should contact us immediately. If you are experiencing domestic violence and want to speak to Leeds Housing Options, you can request: 

  • to see a specially trained worker for your housing assessment
  • to see either a female or male advisor
  • for your housing assessment to be carried out at a place you choose

Young people

If you are aged 16 to 21 and have been asked to leave home by your parents or guardians, and are at immediate risk of homelessness, a Leeds Housing Options Youth Mediation Officer can meet with you to discuss your housing options and provide advice on wider issues. 

People leaving care

If you’re leaving care you’ll be able to access housing support from your social worker or personal advisor. If you don’t have anywhere to live, your social worker will arrange and attend an appointment with you. 

If you’ve lost contact with your personal advisor, Leeds Housing Options can arrange another one for you if you are either:

  • a care leaver under 21
  • a care leaver under 25 and in full time education

Making adaptations to your home

To make sure you can live as independently as possible in your home, support and specialist equipment is available to make daily tasks easier. Find out about the support and house adaptations you can receive to stay living in your own home

Housing advice

You can get tailored advice about:

  • how to solve problems affecting your housing situation
  • what to do if you have been asked to leave your property
  • how you can find somewhere else to live
  • how we can help you

You do not need to give any personal details about who you are or where you live.

Complete the AdviceAid questionnaire External link

Duty to refer

Some organisations have to refer you for help and advice if they think you are at risk of becoming homeless. This is called duty to refer.

Before you make a referral, you should have the consent of the person you are referring.  


Make a referralExternal link

By email

You can also refer by email to dutytorefer@leeds.gov.uk 


Let us know if someone is sleeping rough

If you are worried about someone who is sleeping on the streets, contact:

Phone: 0113 245 9445

Email: leeds.sos@cgl.org.uk

Use this form to give us your comments. Do not use it to give us personal information - please contact us if you need to get in touch.