Register a death

How to register a death in Leeds.

All deaths are now registered in person, and by appointment only.
  1. 1. Wait to hear from the registrars

    The doctor or hospital will email the Medical Certificate of Cause of Death (MCCD) to the registrar. If the death has been referred to the Coroner, they will also send the Coroner’s certificate to the registrar.                        

    Once the registrar has received the MCCD from the doctor or hospital, or the Coroner's certificate, they will contact you by text message, email, or phone to let you know you can book an appointment                        

    We aim to contact you within 2 working days but it may take longer if the death has been referred to the Coroner or if we have had to return the MCCD to the doctor or hospital.

    If you have been given the cause of death certificate

    If you have been given the cause of death certificate, please call us on 0113 222 4408.           

  2. 2. Book an appointment

    You should register the death within 5 days, where possible. You can book an appointment online.                              

    When the registrars contacts you they will provide you with a link to the online form to book an appointment.            

    To book an appointment, you will need:                              

    • an email address
    • a credit or debit card if you want to pay for death certificates in advance
    • details about the persons death, such as, their name, date of death and place of death

    Where the appointment will take place

    If the death took place in Leeds, you can register at the following locations:                               

    Leeds Register Office - Merrion House

    Our main register office in Merrion House in Leeds city centre has the most appointment slots and is open for bookings from 8:45am to 3:55pm Monday to Friday.                              

    Other register offices

    You can also book at other register offices in Armley, Dewsbury Road (Beeston), Moor Allerton, Morley, Rothwell, St George’s (Middleton), Seacroft and Yeadon.                               

    These offices have reduced availability between Monday to Friday. Dates and times will be provided when you book the appointment.                                  

  3. 3. Documents to prepare

    It’s helpful to gather as much documentation as possible so you can give us accurate information about the deceased person.                                      

    You may need:                                      

    • their birth certificate or passport
    • deed poll documents (if they ever changed their name)
    • bills or bank statements with their address on
    • marriage or civil partnership certificate (if they were married)
    • a medical card or something with their NHS number on it

    It’s okay if you do not have everything on this list.    

  4. 4. During the appointment

    Who can register the death (the informant)

    The person registering the death must be one of the following:                                      

    • a relative of the person who has died
    • someone arranging the burial or cremation
    • someone who was there when the person died
    • an administrator from the hospital (if the person died in hospital)

    What you need to bring

    The registrar will ask for the following information about the deceased:                                      

    • date and place of death
    • date and place of birth
    • full name
    • maiden name (if they were married or in a civil partnership)
    • occupation
    • address
    • spouse or civil partner’s name, date of birth and occupation (if they were married or in a civil partnership)
    • details of any public sector pension (for example teachers, civil service or armed forces)
    • NHS number
    • funeral director details
    • your (the informant’s) address

    Copies of the death certificate

    You will need certificates so that you can deal with the will, money and property of the person who's died.                                        

    You can order death certificates at the appointment to register the death.                                        

    The registrar will give you a reference number for the Tell Us Once service, where you can report the death to the passport office, HMRC and other government departments in one go.                                      

    Funeral plans

    The registrar will give you a green form which you must pass to your chosen funeral director so that they can arrange the funeral.                                        

    Safety at your appointment

    Please wear a face covering if you are able to.                                      

    Do not come to the appointment if you:                                      

    • have tested positive for coronavirus or are awaiting test resuts
    • have coronavirus symptoms symptoms or are self-isolating
  5. 5. Rearranging the appointment

    Use your appointment confirmation email to rearrange or cancel your appointment. You can also call 0113 222 4408.                        

What we do with your information

The council has a statutory duty to register births, deaths, marriages and civil partnerships and to administer citizenship services on behalf of the Home Office. Your information will only be used to help us with your registration appointment, your ceremony or your application for copy certificates. We will not share this information with anyone else unless we are required to by law. Read more about how we process your personal data in our privacy policy.    


Contact us



0113 222 4408
(Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm, except Wednesdays when we're open from 10am)

Contact out of office hours

Urgent burial forms

Out of office hours you can urgently request a green burial form, but we can only issue it if the GP or hospital have emailed the medical certificate to us first. To request the form, speak to one of our community registrars. 

Muslim community registrar

07873 141 988
(Weekends and bank holidays)

Jewish community registrar

07713 879 759 or 07803 730 288
(Saturdays after daylight hours, Sundays and bank holidays)

Urgently taking a body out of the country (repatriation)

Out of office hours you can urgently request a 104 form that will allow you to take a body out of England and Wales. The death must be registered first. The registrar will issue the 104 form for you to give to the Coroner. 

07935 929 085
(Saturday, 9am to 12pm)

07891 279 089
(Sundays and bank holidays, 9am to 10am)

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