Leeds Register Office - Privacy Notice

This privacy statement explains how the information we collect about you is used, and your rights in relation to that information.

Why we are allowed to use your data

The law says you must provide personal information in order to:

  • register a birth, death, marriage or civil partnership
  • give notice of marriage or civil partnership
  • request a copy certificate
  • correct information contained in a register entry

Our data collection and sharing page has more information about why we are allowed to collect this information.

Copy certificates

A copy of any birth, death, marriage or civil partnership record will be provided by this office in the form of a paper certificate to any applicant, provided they supply enough information to identify the record concerned and pay the appropriate fee. An application for a certificate may also be made to the General Register Office. Indexes of all entries are available nationally and locally for this purpose.

Who your data is shared with

Registrar General for England and Wales - All the personal information contained in a birth, death, marriage or civil partnership record is shared so that a national record of all registrations can be maintained

UK Statistics Authority – some personal information required by law is shared. During birth registrations some information can be voluntarily supplied to the UK Statistics Authority by the birth parents

Other official organisations - if there is a legal reason to do so, for example:

  • statistical or research purposes
  • making sure that records are up-to-date
  • fraud prevention or detection
  • immigration and passport purposes
  • safeguarding

Providing a service to you

We have a business need to collect personal information to assist us with your request for an appointment, a copy certificate or other service. This information is shared with Stopford Information Systems Limited who supply our appointment booking system.

The information we collect may include:

  • your name
  • address
  • telephone number
  • e-mail
  • nationality
  • date and place of birth
  • marital status
  • details about your spouse/partner
  • your parental status
  • translation requirements

Your rights and responsibilities

Data required by law – We will keep your personal information indefinitely or in accordance with statutory data retention timescales. You cannot object or request to have this personal data erased. If you fail to provide information you may be liable for a fine or prosecution

Data required to provide a service to you – We will keep your personal information for 12 months after we have provided the service or 12 months from the date you cancel the service. You have the right to object. Please be aware if you object, we may not be able to provide you with the service you need

If we need to use your personal data for anything else, we will seek your consent.

Who to contact regarding your personal information

For birth, marriage, death registrations and citizenship ceremonies, the Superintendent Registrar is the data controller and can be contacted at register.headoffice@leeds.gov.uk.

For civil partnership registrations, we are the data controller and can be contacted at dpfoi@leeds.gov.uk. You can also contact the council’s Data Protection Officer at dpo@leeds.gov.uk.

The Registrar General for England and Wales is a joint data controller for birth, marriage, death and civil partnership registrations.

You also have the right to complain or appeal to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) about the way we are handling your personal information. The ICO is UK supervisory authority for data protection issues.

Changes to this privacy notice

We keep our privacy notice under regular review. This privacy notice was last updated on 16 January 2019.

Use this form to give us your comments. Do not use it to give us personal information - please contact us if you need to get in touch.