Help with your financial assessment

Get help managing your money when paying for care, including how to give rights to a relative and where to get financial advice.

Ask a friend, relative or solicitor

You can give a friend, family member or solicitor the rights to help manage your money and your financial assessment.

To do this, you can:

If you need help communuicating, you can get your own independent advocate to make sure your views and rights are represented. Find out what an advocate is and how they help.

Representing someone who needs care

Find out all the ways you can get the legal right to represent someone who needs care – whether it's for care decisions or financial assessments. See how to represent someone.

How to nominate someone

You can nominate someone to deal with your financial assessment for you, but you will still have to sign documents and tell us you are happy with any decisions.

To do this, you must fill out a nomination form, which must be signed by you, the nominated person and a witness. You can ask your social worker for this form and they can also sign it as the witness.

You will need to do this before your financial assessment. The social worker will pass this form on to us. We will not be able to deal with your nominated person without this form.

For the future: power of attorney

If you are worried about the future, it’s a good idea to grant power of attorney to someone you trust. This means they can manage your money and care decisions if you become unable to yourself. Find out about lasting power of attorney External link.

Financial advice from professionals

We recommend you get financial advice to manage your money and pay for your care. We are not allowed to give financial advice ourselves, but there are independent organisations you can go to. Some are free and some cost money.

Society of Later Life Advisors (SOLLA)

Get help to find a nearby accredited financial adviser for hire. There is usually a cost for their services.

Money Advice Service

Get free impartial advice to help you manage your money.

Age UK Leeds

Find services and support for older people.

Citizens Advice Leeds

Get free, confidential and impartial advice.

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