Leeds Homeshare

Householders: get support and share your home

Find someone to share your home who can help out with everyday tasks.

Benefits for householders

If you have a spare room and need a bit of extra support at home, Leeds Homeshare can help. We take the time to find a homesharer who is right for you who can help with tasks you’re finding difficult.

Homesharers are usually people who are working or students. They can give you:

  • support with everyday tasks like cooking, cleaning, gardening, shopping or looking after pets
  • peace of mind that someone you trust is in your home and stays overnight
  • a contribution towards the cost of your bills
  • friendly company and help getting out and about
  • a chance to learn and share skills and experience with each other

We will give your homesharer a full background check and you will get to know them first to see if you’re a good match.

They cannot help with personal care such as washing, dressing and using the toilet.

How it works

  1. We search homesharers and find a good match, this can take a few weeks.
  2. When they pass the background checks, we arrange for you to meet.
  3. If you’re both happy, we give you an agreement to sign that lists the daily tasks the homesharer will help with.
  4. The homesharer moves in and gives up to 10 hours of support per week with the tasks they agreed to.
  5. Your match usually lasts 6 months and you can continue it for longer if you like.
  6. During the homeshare, we stay in touch and we’re here to help if you need us.

Our background checks on your sharer will include:

  • a criminal record check (DBS check)
  • a financial check to make sure the sharer can afford the fees
  • checking their references


To qualify you must:

  • have a spare room
  • live in Leeds or the surrounding areas
  • be able to manage at home with 10 hours of support with daily tasks
  • be happy to share your home
  • be a homeowner (renters can also apply if they have cooperation from the landlord)

You will also need to provide references.

You can apply if you claim welfare benefits, but they may be impacted by having a sharer. We will help work out if they will be affected, so you can decide if sharing is right for you.

You can apply on behalf of someone else if they are eligible.

Fees, rent and bills

You will pay a monthly fee of £25 to Leeds Homeshare at the point a homeshare match is agreed.

The homesharer will pay you a fixed amount towards the cost of your bills (gas, electricity, water, broadband) which you will agree before they move in.

You may also want to agree to split the cost of household expenses such as food, cleaning and laundry.

Your sharer will not pay you any rent. Instead they give you their company and the support you set out in your agreement.

Council tax

If you receive a 25% single person discount on your council tax bill, it may be affected when your homesharer moves in.

But there may be other discounts you can claim instead, such as a Second Adult Rebate or if your sharer is a student they will be exempt.

We can talk you through your options.

Apply or find out more

Contact us to find out more or request an information pack and application form. You can ask for yourself or for someone you know.


0113 37 85410
Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.


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