School governors

Become a school governor

Becoming a school governor gives you the opportunity to support a local school and gain valuable skills and experience.  

School governors are volunteers who help to manage a school. They have responsibility for:

  • deciding on a school’s strategy
  • making sure that school funds are spent in the best interests of pupils
  • supporting and challenging school leaders and making sure they're doing a good job
You do not have to be a parent to be a school governor. Schools welcome people with diverse backgrounds, occupations and life experiences.

What's expected of a governor

As a governor you’ll be expected to do 10 to 15 hours of work per term. This will include:

  • preparing for and attending meetings
  • reading reports and data to analyse how the school is performing
  • visiting the school and checking how actions are going
  • attending school events

School governors must be allowed reasonable time off work to carry out their duties (unless your job is exemptExternal link). Ask your employer what they can offer you.

What experience you'll gain

School governors perform a similar role to people who sit on company boards. Gaining experience at this level will give you valuable skills and experience. You'll make decisions about a school's:

  • strategic direction
  • staffing structure and policies
  • performance
  • finances
Once you're a governor, you could also take part in our training to become a chair of a governing board.

Types of governor

All governors perform the same role but there are different types depending on how they get the position. Academies work differently but in local authority schools there are:

  • co-opted governors – appointed by a school governing board and anyone with an interest in education can apply
  • parent governors – a parent of a child at the school who is elected by other parents
  • staff governors – a member of staff elected by their colleagues
  • foundation or trust governors – appointed by the church or trust which runs the school
  • local authority governors – often an elected member of a local political party
If you want to become a parent governor, speak to your child's school about vacancies.

How to apply

You can apply through us to become a governor. To apply, follow the process below.

  1. Complete our online school governor application form External link.
  2. We'll pass on your details to a suitable school. 
  3. The school will get in touch with you to discuss your application. They will usually arrange for you to come in for a tour and an informal chat about your experience and what you could bring to the role. This will also be your opportunity to ask questions.

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