School waiting lists

You will automatically be added to the waiting list of any schools you preferenced that are higher on your application list than the place you were offered.

Accepting your offer with a school does not mean your offer cannot change. If you are happy with your offer, you will need to remove your child from the waiting list of higher preference schools.

How waiting lists work

Your position on a waiting list will depend on which priority of the school admission policy your child meets and who else is on the waiting list.

Check a school's admission policy

All schools clear their waiting lists at the end of each academic year. Some schools may clear them on 31 December.

Places are not offered on a first come, first served basis.

Starting primary, junior or secondary school in September

Between offer day and 31 August, if you need to:

  • change your reception, junior or year 7 application
  • make a first application

You need to complete our school application update form external link. You should submit the above form within 2 weeks of national offer day to make sure changes are made before our first reallocation of places.

If the school is outside Leeds, you also need to check with the school if there are any extra steps to take to ensure your child is on the waiting list.

The deadline dates are:

  • midnight on 15 March 2024 for year 7 applications
  • midnight on 30 April 2024 for reception and junior applications

After the above dates, submit the form by 5pm on a Friday for the changes to be made before the following week’s reallocation of places.

If a place becomes available before the first day of school, we will automatically give it to a child on the waiting list for that school. If your child's school changes, we will write to you and let you know.

Waiting lists to move schools

If your child is already at a school, but you want to join the waiting list for a different one, you need to apply to move schools.

If the school you apply to do not have a place, we will add your child to their waiting list.

You can apply to move at the start of the next school year, or during this one. Your child will stay on the waiting list until the end of the school year.

Remove a child from a waiting list

If you would like to take your child off a waiting list, please let us know by completing our contact form and in the notes tell us you would like your child to be removed from all waiting lists.

Use this form to give us your comments. Do not use it to give us personal information - please contact us if you need to get in touch.