Primary schools with vacancies

You will need to contact the school to confirm that the place is still available.

Last updated on 26/02/2024

Use this list to check which schools have places in Leeds. To continue your application go back to the moving schools page.

Primary school vacancy places
School NameReceptionYear 1Year 2Year 3Year 4Year 5Year 6
Aberford Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School3+000001
Adel Primary School0000000
Adel St John The Baptist Church of England Primary School0000001
Alder Tree Primary Academy3+3+3+3+3+3+0
All Saints Richmond Hill C Of E Primary School0000000
Allerton Bywater Primary School3+3+3+3+3+23+
Allerton Church Of England Primary School3+000000
Alwoodley Primary School0000000
Armley Park Primary School0000000
Ashfield Primary School3+0003+00
Asquith Primary School3+3+0003+0
Austhorpe Primary School0000000
Bankside Primary School0000000
Bardsey Primary Academy11103+23+
Barwick-in-Elmet Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School13+0003+3+
Beechwood Primary School0000000
Beecroft Primary School0000000
Beeston Hill St Luke's Church of England Primary School0000000
Beeston Primary School0000000
Birchfield Primary School0000000
Blackgates Primary Academy3+000003+
Blenheim Primary School0000000
Bracken Edge Primary School3+000000
Bramham Primary School3+3+003+23+
Bramhope Primary School0000010
Bramley Park Academy3+3+3+3+3+3+3+
Bramley St Peter's Church of England Voluntary Aided Primary School3+13+13+3+3+
Broadgate Primary School3+200000
Brodetsky Primary School3+000000
Brudenell Primary School3+3+0003+3+
Burley St Matthias' Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School03+00020
Calverley Church of England Voluntary Aided Primary School1120100
Calverley Parkside Primary School1000000
Carlton Primary School3+013+200
Carr Manor Community School (Primary Site)0000000
Castleton Primary School03+03+03+3+
Chapel Allerton Primary School0000000
Christ Church Upper Armley Church Of England Primary School03+00000
Christ The King Catholic Primary School - A Voluntary Academy00003+3+0
Churwell Primary School3+000000
Clapgate Primary School3+03+003+0
Cobden Primary School03+00110
Cockburn Haigh Road Academy3+3+3+N/AN/AN/AN/A
Collingham Lady Elizabeth Hastings' Church of England Primary School0000000
Colton Primary School0000000
Cookridge Holy Trinity Church of England (Aided) Primary School3+010003+
Cookridge Primary School0000103+
Co-Op Academy Beckfield3+3+13+03+3+
Co-Op Academy Brownhill3+000000
Co-Op Academy Nightingale0000000
Co-Op Academy Oakwood3+000000
Co-Op Academy Woodlands0000000
Corpus Christi Catholic Primary School3+000000
Cottingley Primary Academy3+220000
Cross Gates Primary School0000000
Crossley Street Primary School0000002
Deighton Gates Primary School0000100
Dixons Trinity Chapeltown0000000
Drighlington Primary School3+3+3+3+03+3+
East Ardsley Primary Academy2000000
East Garforth Primary Academy3+3+3+0000
Ebor Gardens Primary School3+000000
Elements Primary Free School3+03+203+N/A
Farsley Farfield Primary School0100010
Farsley Springbank Primary School0000003+
Farsley Westroyd Primary School03+3+013+3+
Fieldhead Carr Primary School3+1003+3+3+
Five Lanes Primary School0000000
Fountain Primary School3+000000
Gildersome Primary School3+000003+
Gledhow Primary School0100000
Grange Farm Primary School3+010000
Great Preston Church of England Primary School0100000
Green Lane Primary Academy3+000000
Greenhill Primary School3+3+3+0000
Greenmount Primary School0000000
Greenside Primary School011203+0
Grimes Dyke Primary School3+000001
Guiseley Primary School3+3+3+13+13+
Harehills Primary School0000000
Harewood Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School2000003+
Hawksworth Church of England Primary School3+3+013+03+
Hawksworth Wood Primary School3+3+3+03+03+
Highfield Primary School0000000
Hill Top Primary Academy0000000
Hillcrest Academy0000000
Hollybush Primary School3+3+3+3+3+00
Holy Family Catholic Primary School0000000
Holy Name Catholic Voluntary Academy00003+00
Holy Rosary And St Anne's Catholic Primary School, A Voluntary Academy0000000
Holy Trinity Church Of England Academy, Rothwell3+3+123+00
Horsforth Featherbank Primary School0000000
Horsforth Newlaithes Primary School0000000
Hovingham Primary School3+000000
Hugh Gaitskell Primary School3+3+3+003+0
Hunslet Carr Primary School3+3+2003+0
Hunslet Moor Primary School0000000
Immaculate Heart Of Mary Catholic Primary School3+200000
Ingram Road Primary School3+3+00020
Ireland Wood Primary School3+000000
Iveson Primary School3+3+3+0103+
Kerr Mackie Primary School0100000
Kippax Ash Tree Primary School2222222
Kippax Greenfield Primary School0000000
Kippax North Junior, Infant and Nursery School0000000
Kirkstall St Stephen's Church of England Primary School0000000
Kirkstall Valley Primary School0000000
Lady Elizabeth Hastings Church of England (Aided) Primary School (L)000203+3+
Lady Elizabeth Hastings Church of England (Aided) Primary School (TA)3+013+011
Lane End Primary School03+00000
Lawns Park Primary School1000000
Little London Academy3+00013+0
Low Road Primary School000023+0
Lower Wortley Primary School0000000
Lowtown Primary School, Pudsey0020100
Manor Wood Primary School0000000
Manston Primary School0000000
Manston St James Primary Academy3+0003+00
Meadowfield Primary School3+00003+0
Meanwood Church of England Primary School0000000
Methley Primary School3+023+03+0
Micklefield C Of E Primary Academy3+3+3+3+3+3+0
Middleton Primary School3+00003+0
Middleton St Mary's Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School3+103+010
Moor Allerton Hall Primary School3+000000
Moortown Primary School0000000
Morley Newlands Academy0000000
Morley Victoria Primary School0000000
New Bewerley Community School3+202000
Ninelands Primary School3+000000
Otley All Saints Church of England Primary School3+000000
Otley The Whartons Primary School00023+02
Oulton Primary School3+2003+02
Our Lady of Good Counsel Catholic Primary School2000000
Park Spring Primary School3+3+003+01
Park View Primary Academy0000000
Parklands Primary School0200000
Pool-in-Wharfedale Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School23+1023+1
Primley Wood Primary School0000000
Primrose Lane Primary School3+3+103+12
Pudsey Bolton Royd Primary School03+0003+0
Pudsey Primrose Hill Primary School0002013+
Pudsey Waterloo Primary School3+3+00202
Quarry Mount Primary School 23+00000
Queensway Primary School3+3+3+3+3+3+3+
Rawdon Littlemoor Primary School0000000
Rawdon St Peter's Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School0000100
Raynville Academy3+110100
Richmond Hill Academy3+00003+0
Robin Hood Primary School3+3+02000
Rosebank Primary School00003+13+
Rothwell Primary School0002200
Rothwell St Mary's Catholic Primary School0002200
Rothwell Victoria Junior SchoolN/AN/AN/A3+03+3+
Roundhay School (Primary Site)0000000
Roundhay St John's Church of England Primary School0000000
Rufford Park Primary School3+3+03+03+2
Ryecroft Academy103+1001
Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School0000000
Scholes (Elmet) Primary School3+000022
Seacroft Grange Primary School0000000
Seven Hills Primary School2000000
Shadwell Primary School0000020
Shakespeare Primary School0000000
Sharp Lane Primary School3+3+3+3+000
Shire Oak Church Of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School0000200
Southroyd Primary and Nursery School3+3+3+03+23+
Spring Bank Primary School03+003+3+1
SS Peter and Paul Catholic Primary School - A Voluntary Academy0100000
St Anthony's Catholic Primary School, Beeston0000000
St Augustine's Catholic Primary School, A Voluntary Academy0000000
St Bartholomew's Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School0000000
St Benedict's Catholic Primary School - A Voluntary Academy3+3+02000
St Chad's Church of England Primary School0000000
St Edward's Catholic Primary School, Boston Spa3+103+001
St Francis Catholic Primary School, Morley0000000
St Francis Of Assisi Catholic Primary School, A Voluntary Academy0000000
St Josephs Catholic Primary School, Hunslet0000000
St Josephs Catholic Primary School, Otley - A Voluntary Academy3+21103+0
St Josephs Catholic Primary School, Pudsey - A Voluntary Academy3+03+2000
St Josephs Catholic Primary School, Wetherby0002101
St Margaret's Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School0000000
St Mary's Catholic Primary School, Horsforth - A Voluntary Academy0020000
St Mary's Church of England Controlled Primary School, Boston Spa0000000
St Marys Church Of England Primary Academy3+3+3+003+0
St Matthew's Church of England Primary School03+00000
St Nicholas' Catholic Primary School0000000
St Oswald's Church of England Primary School3+3+3+3+103+
St Patrick's Catholic Primary School0000000
St Paul's Catholic Primary School, A Voluntary Academy3+000000
St Peter's Church of England Primary School0000000
St Philip's Catholic Primary and Nursery School0000010
St Theresa's Catholic Primary School0000000
St Urban's Catholic Primary School, A Voluntary Academy3+3+00000
Stanningley Primary School3+100012
Strawberry Fields Primary School3+3+10000
Summerfield Primary School3+03+103+0
Swarcliffe Primary School3+3+00001
Swillington Primary Academy223+3+3+23+
Swinnow Primary School3+010110
Talbot Primary School0000000
Temple Learning Academy3+3+00000
Templenewsam Halton Primary School2000000
Thorner Church Of England Primary School23+003+3+0
Thorpe Primary School0000000
Tranmere Park Primary School1010000
Valley View Primary School100013+3+
Victoria Primary Academy0000000
Weetwood Primary School0000000
West End Primary School003+0000
Westbrook Lane Primary School0020000
Westerton Primary Academy0000000
Westgate Primary School2000000
Westwood Primary School0000000
Wetherby St James' Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School13+3+3+3+3+3+
Whingate Primary School0000000
Whinmoor St Paul's Church of England Primary School1002001
White Laith Primary School3+000001
Whitecote Primary School23+003+3+3+
Whitkirk Primary School200003+0
Wigton Moor Primary School0000003+
Windmill Primary School3+000010
Woodlesford Primary School3+3+03+002
Wykebeck Primary School3+3+00000
Yeadon Westfield Infant School3+3+3+N/AN/AN/AN/A
Yeadon Westfield Junior SchoolN/AN/AN/A3+3+3+3+