Leeds antisocial behaviour team (LASBT) privacy notice

The reasons we use your data

Leeds antisocial behaviour team (LASBT) will collect enough personal information in order to provide services to:

  • support and seek to protect victims of antisocial behaviour, harassment, prejudice and criminal behaviour
  • assess and investigate incidents of antisocial behaviour, harassment, prejudice and some crimes
  • deal with the alleged perpetrators of antisocial behaviour, harassment, prejudice and crime

We are not permitted to collect information we do not need or will not use.

This document covers information you have provided direct to the council and information which has been shared with us by other organisations.

Why we are allowed to use your data

According to the UK Data protection Legislation, we must have a reason to collect and use your information.

This will be to:

  • deliver services and to support you
  • enable us to manage the services we provide
  • train and manage our workers who deliver those services
  • investigate any worries or complaints you may have about our services
  • check the quality of our services
  • help with research and the planning of new services

There are a number of legal reasons why we need to collect and use your personal information. For this service, it is:

  • necessary to perform our statutory duties or it is required by law - Local Government Act 1972, Crime & Disorder Act 1998, Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014
  • necessary to protect someone in an emergency
  • to ensure you have made your information publicly available
  • necessary for legal cases
  • to the benefit of society as a whole

Who we can share your data with

We use a range of organisations to either store personal information or to help deliver our services to you. Sometimes we have a legal duty to provide your personal information to other organisations, for example the court service.

We may also share your relevant personal information with these organisations where appropriate in helping us to deliver a service to you or to support and protect you. We may also ask these organisations for information about you or your family:

  • other council services
  • Legal and Democratic services and any Counsel instructed to act on our behalf
  • Environmental services
  • Housing
  • Adult Social Care
  • Children and Young People’s Social Care
  • Elected Members
  • External services
  • Victim Support
  • West Yorkshire Police
  • West Yorkshire Fire
  • West Yorkshire Ambulance services
  • Her Majesty’s Court service
  • Crown Prosecution service
  • Her Majesty’s Prison service
  • Leeds Community Health Care NHS Trust
  • your GP
  • Probation services
  • Youth Offending services
  • Immigration services
  • schools, colleges and universities across Leeds
  • registered social landlords within Leeds City Council boundaries
  • your private landlord or letting agent
  • Shelter
  • Essential Drug and Alcohol Service
  • mediation services
  • Victim Support
  • Citizens Advice

Your information will not be disclosed to any other organisations, except where we are required and allowed to by law.