Street Naming and Numbering

Streets are named and buildings numbered when they are first built. It can be a way of acknowledging the past and paying tribute to those who have given distinguished service to the community or have contributed to the local heritage.

Sometimes street names or numbers have to be changed, for example if there are new buildings nearby. We will only change a name or number if we have to.

Further details about street naming and numbering can be found in our policy

How to request a new address or change an existing address

If you are developing land and buildings and need new addresses please let us know as soon as possible. We can record addresses and send them to organisations who deal with addresses such as Ordnance Survey, the Royal Mail and the Land Registry.

If we do need to make any changes we discuss them with owners, developers and other organisations. We make sure that the new naming or numbering is suitable and that no duplication or similarity exists which could lead to confusion. Once identification has been approved, we let everybody know including the post office and emergency services.

You will need to send us the Street Naming and Numbering application form (PDF 100KB) and make sure that you include the relevant fees (PDF 283KB). If you need help with the application form please see the Street naming and numbering guidance notes (PDF 105KB).

Please make sure you include the following with your application:

  • site plan (mandatory unless planning application approval obtained)
  • written approval of freeholder owner (mandatory if you are not the freehold owner)
  • detailed drawings of the development/building
  • fees

Make a payment

The easiest way to pay the fees with your application is online.

Make a street naming and numbering paymentExternal link

Reporting a problem with a street sign

You can report a damaged or missing street sign using our online form. We are unable to deal with reports of damaged or missing street signs by email or phone.

Contact us about street naming and numbering


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