Protected heritage in Leeds

Find out about protected sites in Leeds which are on the National Heritage List for England.

Find out more about why sites are listed.

Protected heritage assets in Leeds include:

Scheduled monuments and archaeology

A scheduled monument is a nationally important monument or archaeological site which has been given legal protection. All registered scheduled monuments are recorded on the National Heritage List for England. This list is administered and kept up to date by Historic England. There are 59 scheduled monuments in the Leeds district. 

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Carrying out unauthorised work to a scheduled monument is a criminal offence. An application for Scheduled Monument Consent must be made before any work is carried out.

West Yorkshire Archaeological Advisory Service maintain the Historic Environment Record for the Leeds area and provide archaeological advice to the council. They identify Areas of Special Archaeological Value that need to be considered when development is proposed – these are known as ‘Class II’ sites. There are 166 of these sites.

Contact West Yorkshire Archaeological Advisory Service for further advice.

Registered parks and gardens

Registered parks and gardens are nationally important designed landscapes that are included on Historic England’s register of parks and gardens of special historic interest.

As well as parks and gardens relating to historic houses, designed landscapes such as cemeteries and hospital grounds are also included on the register. There are 13 registered parks and gardens in the Leeds district. 

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Registered battlefields

Historic England maintains the register of historic battlefields. It includes 43 nationally important English battlefields, one of which (Adwalton Moor) is in the Leeds district.

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Non-designated heritage assets

Non-designated heritage assets are those identified by the local planning authority as having a degree of significance meriting consideration in planning decisions. These assets can include buildings, monuments, sites, places, areas, landscapes and assets of archaeological interest.

Heritage at risk

The condition of our protected heritage sites is monitored and reported on, with action then being taken to seek repairs. Historic England publish annual Heritage at Risk lists covering all designated heritage sites apart from Grade II listed buildings. 

You can find out more about the work we are doing to conserve and protect heritage assets in our latest Heritage newsletter.

The council publish annual Buildings at Risk lists covering all listed buildings. See the Plans Panel report for details.

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