Definitive map and statement

​​The definitive map and statement is the legal record of public paths and provides conclusive evidence of their existence and status.

The definitive map shows their location and the statement records status, description, width, length, structures and surface.

Public right of way map

You can view the Leeds public right of way map online.

Definitive paths are shown in black. Claimed paths are shown in green but require investigating and many are not available for use.

Disclaimer: This is a test site under development, and is not the definitive map. There is no guarantee of accuracy and it should not be used to determine the location or alignment of paths.

Anyone wanting to view the definitive map and statement, registers, or further information should contact the us by phone on 0113 378 6002 or email

Changing the definitive map and statement

Public paths can be diverted, created or extinguished by Public Path Orders. If affected by development, Orders are made under the Town and Country Planning Act 1990. Under the Highways Act 1980 paths can be diverted to benefit the landowner, created where needed or extinguished if not needed.

Unrecorded paths can be added to the map by a Definitive Map Modification Order. Anyone can apply for an Order but it must be supported by documentary evidence or evidence of use without interruption for twenty years.

Current DMMO applications
Outstanding Definitive Map Modification Order Applications
1Dec 2003Boat Lane, Pitt Lane, Cutler Lane, Riverside Path, Wilsons Row, Methley etcAdd various Footpaths and Byways
2Aug 2004Fulneck, Bankhouse to Hare Lane, PudseyAdd a Bridleway
Oct 2004Vickersdale to Arthur Street and Half MileAdd a Footpath
Feb 2005Whitehall Road to New Lane, DrighlingtonAdd a Footpath
Apr 2005Tile Lane to Long Causeway, AdelAdd a Footpath
Jun 2005Half Mile to Farsley Beck/Footpath 222Add a Footpath
Aug 2005Newhold, Ash Lane to Aberford Road, GarforthAdd a Footpath
Apr 2006Tyersal Lane to Pudsey 38 Old ReservoirsAdd a Footpath
Sep 2006The Piggaries, Bath Lane to Railsfield Rise, BramleyAdd a Footpath
Aug 2007Andrew Hill, Morley 44-16 (Reedsdale Gds)Add a Footpath
Jan 2008Cliff Road, HeadingleyAdd a Footpath
Jun 2008Broadway to Stanhope Drive, HorsforthAdd a Footpath
Feb 2009South Park Mill, Hare Lane to Footpath 59, PudseyAdd a Footpath
Jun 2009Scotland Lane to Brownberrie Drive, HorsforthAdd a Bridleway and upgrade Footpath to Bridleway
Nov 2009Sandbeck Lane into N. Yorkshire, BickertonAdd a Bridleway
Dec 2009South Queen Street to St. Paul's Street, MorleyAdd a Footpath
Mar 2010Ledston Quarry Footpath 5 to Footpath 10 to Footpath 11 and Footpath 12Add various Footpaths
Jan 2012Butcher Hill to Spen Crescent/ApproachAdd various Footpaths
May 2012Grange View to Mercure Hotel, WetherbyAdd a Footpath
Mar 2014Wild Grove, PudseyAdd a Bridleway
May 2014Wilderness Carpark, WetherbyAdd a Footpath
Jun 2014Woodhouse Cliffe to Woodhouse RidgeAdd a Footpath
Aug 2014East Busk Lane, OtleyAdd a Footpath
Sep 2014Nidd Approach, WetherbyAdd a Footpath
Oct 2014Jasmine CottageAdd a Footpath
Nov 2014Crowcroft Bank Wetherby 37-19/20/44Add a Footpath
Dec 2014Garmont Road to Potternewton LaneAdd a Footpath
Apr 2015King Lane into Adel WoodsAdd a Footpath
Aug 2015StonedeneAdd a Footpath
Aug 2015Moseley Wood Gardens/ Croft to Horsforth No. 12Add a Footpath
Feb 2016Cross St to Sycamore AvenueAdd a Footpath
Feb 2016Disused Railway Line Barwick Road to Wood Lane ScholesAdd a Bridleway
May 2016Sunfield to Bradford Road, StanningleyAdd a Footpath
Jul 2016Cliff Lane to Grosvenor Road, HeadingleyAdd a Footpath
Jul 2016Leeds Footpath 86 to Grosvenor Road, HeadingleyAdd a Footpath
Feb 2017Lakeside Chase to Aireborough Footpath No. 135Add a Footpath
Jun 2017Morley 112 & 75 Upgrade to Bridleway Upgrade Footpaths to Bridleways
Nov 2017Disused Railway The Approach to Thorner Footpath No. 14Add a Bridleway
Feb 2018Hougley Lane to Kings ApproachAdd a Footpath
Apr 2018Victoria Crescent to Victoria Avenue, HorsforthAdd a Footpath
May 2019Sturton Lane to Aberford RoadAdd a Byway Open to All Traffic
Nov 2019White Bridge to Otley Bridleway No. 7, OtleyAdd a Footpath
Nov 2019Otley Bridleway No. 7 to Knotford Nook, OtleyAdd two Footpaths
Nov 2019Five paths in a field off Parklands/Moor Lane BramhopeAdd five Footpaths
45Dec 2019Harewood Bridleway 12 to All Saint's ChurchAdd a Footpath
46May 2020Flint Mill Lane, Thorpe Arch 4 & Wetherby 44Add a Bridleway
47May 2020Wood Lane to the Buffers Disused Railway LineAdd a Bridleway
Mar 2021Highbury Cricket Ground (2 Applications)Add Various Footpaths
Sep 2021Lidgett Lane to Princess AvenueAdd Various Footpaths
Oct 2021Bright Street to Morley 73Add a footpath
51Jan 2022Bramhope Primary School Add a footpath
52Feb 2022Pudsey 60-61 Tyersal EmbankmentAdd a footpath
53Feb 2022Lowtown to Mount Pleasant, Pudsey
Add a footpath
54Jun 2022Camp Road, The Sycamores, Bramhope
Add a bridleway
55Jun 2022Tyersal Terrace to Tyersal Avenue
Add a footpath
56Nov 2022Willow Avenue to Clifford Moor Road
Add a footpath

Notice of public path orders

Current public path order notices including the public path creation and modification orders and the statement of reasons:

Statutory declarations

Landowners can deposit a statement and map under section 31(6) of the Highways Act 1980 indicating any rights of way over their land and then make a make a statutory declaration to the effect that no additional rights of way exist.

You can read the Register of Statutory Declarations and Town and Village Green Landowner Statements or alternatively, visit our offices to view the paper copy.​​​

Rights of Way Improvement Plan

The Rights of Way Improvement Plan forms a ten year management plan setting out areas for consideration with regard to how the council proposes to develop and improve the public rights of way network in Leeds for walkers, horse riders, pedal cyclists and those with visual or mobility impairments.

The Rights of Way Improvement Plan was published in 2009, in accordance with the requirements of the Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000, and is currently under review. It contains both broad Statements of Action and an Action Plan to guide service delivery in this respect.

If you would like a copy of the plan by email, please contact the Public Rights of Way team on

Town and village greens

You can find guidance on how to register town and village greens on the GOV.UK website.

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