Licences and permits

We want to make sure roads, pavements and footpaths are kept clear and safe at all times.

There may be times when you need to obstruct a road or pavement, for example doing work to your house. You will need a permit before you can do anything which may block a road or pavement. Forms are available to download from the related documents section.

You will need a permit for putting any of the following on a road or pavement:

  • skips
  • building materials
  • structures
  • projection e.g. a canopy, part of a building, CCTV equipment
  • scaffolding and hoarding
  • crane or access platform
  • planting vegetation


If you would like to organise an event on a road or pavement then you will need to fill out an initial event on a highway request form. We will then let you know if your event will be possible or not. Please fill out the form as far in advance as possible as we need a minimum of 6 weeks to advertise any road closures.

Once we have approved your event, if you need a road closure, you will have to apply for a Temporary Traffic Regulation Order.

There is a resident led initiative called Play Streets which closes streets so children can play freely and safely. More details about the scheme and how to apply for your street is available from the Play Streets page.

Traffic Regulation Orders

A Traffic Regulation Order is a legal document for a traffic restriction placed on street, for example, waiting and loading restrictions, a temporary closure, one way traffic, banned turns.

You can view all permanent Traffic Orders for Leeds City Council online by using TrafWeb​. Visit to view temporary traffic restrictions.

To apply please download and complete the temporary traffic regulation order form (WORD, 265KB).

Abnormal loads

If you are moving any vehicle with an abnormal load then you must let us know your prosposed route in advance using the abnormal loads form (PDF, 74KB).

Filming on a road or pavement

If you need to do any filming on a public highway then you need to email us at

Dropped Kerbs and vehicle crossings

If you need to access your driveway from the road then you need to apply for a vehicle crossing to lower the kerb and pavement. You can also apply for a dropped kerb if you need level access for a mobility scooter or wheelchair.



Application for Banners for Banners.doc359936doc
Application for Building Materials for Building Materials.doc340992doc
Application for Crane or Access Platform for Crane or Access Platform.doc281600doc
Application for Cultivation for Cultivation.doc258048doc
Application for Making an Excavation S171 for Making an Excavation S171.doc576512doc
Application for Oversailing for Oversailing.doc252928doc
Application for Projection for Projection.doc251392doc
Application for S171 in conjunction with Mini Section 278 Agreement for S171 in conjunction with Mini Section 278 Agreement.doc578560doc
Application for Scaffold for Scaffold.docx69312docx
Application for a Skip for a Skip.xlsx20063xlsx
Application for Structure for Structure.doc253952doc
Application for Temporary Traffic Management for Temporary Traffic Management.docx195183docx
Application for Temporary Traffic Regulation Order for Temporary Traffic Regulation Order.doc272896doc
Abnormal Loads Loads.pdf75346pdf
Planting vegetation application form planting vegetation application form.pdf107225pdf
Planting vegetation guidance Planting vegetation guidance JL_.pdf107981pdf

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