Licences and permits

If you're carrying out building work, planting greenery or organising an event that blocks a road, pavement or footpath, you may need to apply for a licence or permit first.

If you’re building new roads and paths as part of a development, you should consider a section 38 agreement.

Placing materials or equipment on the highway

You will need a permit for putting any of the following on a road or pavement:

  • skips
  • building materials
  • structures
  • projection such as a canopy, part of a building or CCTV equipment
  • scaffolding and hoarding
  • crane or access platform
  • planting vegetation
  • container licence


If you cannot use the forms

If you cannot use the forms, email          


Email if you need an application for:

  • hoarding
  • projection
  • banners
  • oversailing
  • S171 in conjunction with Mini Section 282 agreement
  • making an excavation S171
  • building materials
  • structure

Timescales and conditions

  • Scaffolding, Hoarding, Cranes and Containers - a minimum of 10 working days must be provided to allow for processing time.
  • Skips - a minimum of 3 working days notice for a skip application to be reviewed.
  • All skips must be applied for with as much notice as possible. Any skip applications received prior to 9am on Monday to Friday will be reviewed on that day. Any skip applications received after 9am will be reviewed the next working day.
Once a skip, or other Highway Act licence has been approved and a licence has been issued, the licence fee will be incurred due to administration costs. If a licence needs to be cancelled or amended following licensing, the licence fee charge will still stand.

For information about the permit scheme for street works and roadworks in Leeds, see street works permit scheme.

Carrying an abnormal load

If you are moving any abnormal load vehicle or mobile crane you must notify its movement in compliance with the provisions of The Road Vehicles (Authorisation of Special Types)(General) Order 2003.

If you need further support, email

Planting in the highway

As Highway Authority for Leeds, we may grant a licence permitting the occupier or owner of any premises adjoining the highway to plant and maintain shrubs, plants or grass in parts of the highway.

We will give approval for the:

  • regular cutting and maintenance of the highway verge, normally when the owner or occupier of the premises wishes to maintain the verge fronting their property to a higher standard than that required for highway purposes
  • planting and tending of bulbs, or annual and perennial plants
  • provision and regular management of certain low habit shrubs

Any plants or other vegetation authorised must not exceed 0.6 metre in height.


To apply for a licence, email or call 0113 378 7007 and quote the reference: Section 142 Licence.          


No fee will apply to an application by an owner or occupier for a licence solely to cut and manage the highway verge in front of, or adjacent to, their premises or to plant bulbs.          

A fee of £208.00 will apply to an application by an owner or occupier for a licence to plant and maintain annual plants or low habit shrubs. The application will not be formally applied until this fee has been received.          

Licence conditions

The provisions of S142 of Highways Act 1980 shall apply to all cultivation Licences granted by the Highway Authority; as listed below.          

  • a) The Licensee is responsible for (and must indemnify the Highway Authority) against all and any claims made by a third party in connection with any claims in respect of damage to the highway, injury or damage to property caused by their own actions or omissions on the highway in relation to the Licence granted.          

    Applicants are, therefore, advised to seek confirmation that their home insurance will provide cover for this type of activity on the public highway, prior to making an application for a Licence. The Highway Authority may require evidence of such cover prior to approving an application.          

  • b) The Licensee shall keep all grass properly mown and all beds of plants properly weeded and in a tidy condition.
  • c) The Licensee shall not erect any walls or fences, place stones other objects or structures on the Highway the subject of this agreement.
  • d) The Highway Authority or public utilities may require access at any time to planted areas which are the subject of this agreement. Neither the Highway Authority nor utilities can be held liable for any loss or damage to planting during work; although care will be taken and reasonable notice of intention to carry out works will be given if practicable.
  • e) No holes shall be dug to depth greater than 0.50 Metres or within 1 Metre of the lines of any apparatus belonging to statutory undertakers. Great care must be taken carrying out any excavation to avoid damaging any buried apparatus.
  • Plants or other vegetation must not obstruct existing sight line and shall not exceed 0.6 Metre in height.
  • g) The Highway Authority can serve a notice on the Licensee withdrawing the Licence/approval, this can be for the following reasons:          

    • i. If any condition of the Licence is contravened by the Licensee, normally following a period of not less than seven days.
    • ii. Where it is necessary for the Highway Authority to exercise its functions, normally following a period of not less than three months.
  • h) Where a Licence expires or is withdrawn by the Highway Authority or surrendered by the person whom it was granted, the Highway Authority may:          

    • i. may remove all of any of the trees, shrubs, plants or grass to which the Licence relates and reinstate the highway and may recover the expenses reasonably incurred by them in so doing from the Licensee.
    • ii. If satisfied that the Licensee can, within such reasonable time as they may specify, remove such trees, shrubs, plants or grass or such of them as they may specify and reinstate the highway, may authorise them to do so at his own expense.
  • The Licence granted may not be assigned to any other person or successor in title without the express written consent of the Highway Authority and the Licensee shall notify the Highway Authority within one month of the date upon which they cease to be an owner or occupier of the property adjoining the area of highway subject to the cultivation Licence.          

Filming on a highway

If you need to do any filming on a public highway, please email copying in

Fees and charges

For enquiries to film on the highway, there is a £70 charge to cover advice and coordination. There is no charge to students, amateurs and for news reports.

There is a £140 additional charge for complex involvement and £70 charge for drone use per location. Other Highways Act licences may also be required.

Organising events

If you are organising an event that may have an impact on a road or pavement please see organising events for more information on the process and how to apply. You can also get informal advice by emailing

If you want to close your street, you can find more information on how to apply to close your street for free.

There is also a free resident and community led initiative called Play Streets to enable children to play freely and safely in the street close to their home. Find out more details about the Play Streets scheme and how to apply.

Temporary traffic restrictions and road closures

A Traffic Regulation Order is a legal document for a traffic restriction placed on street, for example, waiting and loading restrictions, a temporary closure, one way traffic, banned turns.

View all permanent Traffic Orders for Leeds City Council online using TrafWeb. Visit to view temporary traffic restrictions.

To apply please email to request a temporary traffic regulation order form.

Dropping kerbs and adding vehicle crossings

If you need to access your driveway from the road then you need to apply for a vehicle crossing to lower the kerb and pavement. You can also apply for a dropped kerb if you need level access for a mobility scooter or wheelchair.

Section 278 agreements

A section 278 (S278) agreement ensures that any impact on the highway or improvements required to the highway, as a result of developments undertaken, are agreed and paid for prior to the works commencing.

In Leeds there are three types of S278 agreements:


A Standard Section 278 agreement is used for most significant off site highway works associated with planning permissions. The works are designed and supervised by us on behalf of the developer and at the developer’s expense.          

Standard S278 agreements do not require the provision of a bond as all monies are paid upfront.          


Leeds City Council obtains design and supervision fees, commuted sums and legal costs.          


A Minor Section 278 agreement is a formal arrangement for developers to carry out minor highway works themselves. The developer designs and constructs the works.          

This agreement type is used for schemes which are more involved than a footway crossing, but not so involved that there is any major requirement for traffic management on a busy road or significant involvement with statutory undertakers. The design should not be complex in any way.          

It is most often used where the development and highway works are adjacent or make use of the same site, making it very difficult for a separate contractor to be working in the same area. For example repaving footways or the provision of a lay-by within a site contractor’s working zone.          

A Minor S278 requires the provision of a bond and cash surety against default and commuted sums for maintenance of new highway features.          


The developer pays Leeds City Council’s design and supervision fees, commuted sums and agreement fees including legal costs.          


A Mini Section 278 agreement is a formal arrangement to enable developers to carry out extremely minor highway works.          

This type of agreement covers minor footway crossing works, amendments to paving to provide level access, removal and reinstatement of planters, and similar schemes where the developer designs and constructs the works and provides a cash surety to cover default.          

Leeds City Council obtains staff fees for checking the design and supervision of the works and legal costs.          

Submitting an agreement

To submit a S278 agreement please email with the following information:

Details of the development

Please provide details of your:          

  • site reference
  • address
  • developer
  • agent
  • legal representation
  • planning permission reference
  • third parties
  • accredited contractor
  • Traffic Regulation Orders or other special requirements
  • land dedication plan

Please also provide an indication of the programme for delivery of the highway works in relation to the development programme.          

Drawings and supporting documents

Please provide a copy of the drawings and documents that were approved and conditioned as part of the planning permission. You must include your:           

  • red line site plan - showing the boundary of works
  • site location plan - scale 1:1250 or 1:2500
  • approved planning layout
  • planning decision notice

Please also provide a drawing clearly showing any areas of land to be dedicated as adopted highway, if applicable.          


We will confirm the type of agreement to be used and provide supporting information within 14 days.


The fees and commuted sums below are for the financial year 2024/25 from 1 February 2024, and are subject to increase on 1 April each year thereafter

There are four categories of fees:

General fees

Preparing legal documentation

At cost, varies but significantly higher if using external solicitors. Generally in the range of £910 to £4,246.          

Highways officer in preparation of S278 documentation, highways board report, design brief

  • £2,652 for standard and minor S278 schemes
  • increased to £3,976 for high value, complex agreements

Environmental study

At cost, varies but £663 for desk top study and £1,325 for desk top plus noise surveys.          

All minor S278 agreements require the payment of fees at cost for design check and supervision. An upfront fee of 10 percent of the estimated works costs will be obtained for the design checking / inspection fee so that the highways engineer is not working at risk. A bond is obtained for the value of the highway works plus 20 percent.          


Works of value up to £100,000 for a standard agreement

Fee schedule for works of value up to £100,000 for a standard agreement:          

  • consultation fee – at cost
  • design fees – actual cost incurred up to £10,500
  • supervision fees – actual cost up to £8,500
  • supervision fees for statutory undertakers works – 3 percent of cost of statutory undertaker diversions
  • £1,213 sum for Leeds City Council carrying out the role of the principal designer under the CDM Regs 2015
  • payment of a commuted sum for future maintenance in accordance with the rates below

Works of value above £100,000 for a standard agreement

Fee schedule for works of value above £100,000 for a standard agreement:          

  • consultation fee – at cost
  • design fees – 10.5 percent of the highway works
  • supervision fees – 8.5 percent cost of the highway works
  • supervision fees for statutory undertakers works – 3 percent of cost of statutory undertaker diversions
  • 1 percent of cost of highway works for Leeds City Council carrying out the role of the principal designer under the CDM Regs 2015
  • payment of a commuted sum for future maintenance in accordance with the rates set out below

Minor and mini agreements fees

The fees for minor and mini agreements are the reasonable and proper costs incurred by the council for:          

  • checking the detailed drawings, plans, specifications and contract documentation for the highway works
  • supervising the highway works including reviewing amendments to detailed designs and specifications
  • providing for inspection of the highway works

Maintenance payments

You may also be required to pay maintenance payments called commuted sums. These cover new highways works that are an addition to the existing highway. For example, a new area of the highway, landscaping or features such as traffic signals.

Commuted sums fees (February 2024 to March 2025)
Commuted sums fees
1CarriagewayUnit rate
(a)All construction types maintenance category 1, 2, 3a, 3b and 4a (All road types except 4b below)£133.44 per sq m
(b)All construction types, maintenance category 4b (Local access road serving limited numbers of properties carrying only access traffic£111.92 per sq m
(c)Extra over the above for a carriageway junction of any class (single charge per junction)£4,537.64
(d)Extra over for application of red anti-skid coloured surfacing£167.17 per sq m
(e)Extra over for application of grey anti-skid coloured surfacing£167.17 per sq m
(f)Vehicle containment kerbs£108.61 per m
2Footway and paved areas
(a)Construction type - bituminous
£78.13 per sq m
(a)Construction type - flagged
£140.03 per sq m
3Street lighting
(a)Lighting column up to and including 7m in height£2,009.03
(b)Lighting column over 7m and up to 15m in height£2,398.17
Heritage or Enhanced (chosed from availability list)
(d)Lighting column up to and including 7m in height£2,020.86
(e)Lighting column over 7m and up to 15m in height
Bespoke By quotation
4Illuminated street furniture and signs
(a)Any item of illuminated apparatus standard£943.40
(b)Any item of illuminated apparatus heritage or enhanced£1,499.21
5Non-illuminated street furniture and signs
(a)Non illuminated advanced direction sign£569.06
(b)Non-illuminated sign, bollard or other single point feature£569.06
(c)Pedestrian Guardrail£61.36 per m
6 Traffic signals (refer to UTMC)By quotation
7Traffic calming features
(a)Speed table (by surface area)£692.84 per sq m
(b)Speed cushion£1,416.84
(a)Hard landscaping area (treat as footway) - bituminous
£25.61 per sq m
(a)Hard landscaping area (treat as footway) - flagged£140.03 per sq m
(b)Soft landscaping grass£7.59 per sq m
(c)Soft landscaping vegetation or shrub bed£34.88 per sq m
(d)Trees small (3m dia canopy)£1,428.67
(d)Trees medium (5m dia canopy)£2,062.02
(d)Trees large (5m dia canopy)£2,787.02
(a)Individual road or footway gully£358.45
(b)Kerb drainage systems (not including outfall; treat each outfall as a gully)£72.60 per m

Commuted sums fees - additional notes

  1. Other special features, heritage materials, specialist materials or deviation from design standards should be estimated for separately.
  2. Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS) should be estimated for separately on a scheme specific basis.
  3. Highway structures / retaining features should be estimated for separately on a scheme specific basis.

The liability period used for the calculation of the above rates is 20 years. Other site specific items will also be based on a liability period of 20 years apart from Structures which will have a liability period of 60 years.

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