Disabled parking bays, vehicle crossings and dropped kerbs

Use this page to find out how to request a vehicle crossing, dropped kerb and disabled parking bay.

Requesting a vehicle crossing outside your house

A vehicular crossing is an area of lowered pavement and kerb which is used to give access to vehicles from a road across the footway and onto a driveway or parking area.

It is against the law to drive across a public footpath without an authorised vehicular crossing as damage will be caused to the footway or services underneath.


Site inspection

Applications for vehicle crossings are required and we will charge an initial fee of £51.40 so that we can carry out a site inspection.

Our inspection fee is non-refundable and there is no guarantee you will be permitted to construct a new crossing.

Quote and costs

You will need to arrange your own NRSWA accredited contractor to provide a quote for the construction costs and to carry out the works.

A standard crossing usually costs around £1,500.

How to apply

There are some things to consider before applying that can help speed up the process:

  • if your property is a former council property, you will need to contact your local housing office to get permission
  • if the crossing would be accessed from an A, B or C classified road (for example, the A58) or passes over non-highway land, you will need approval from Planning. You can call them on 0113 222 4409 for advice
  • there must be sufficient space for a hard standing to be constructed within the boundary of your property, this should be a minimum of 5 metres deep (distance between the boundary and the building)
  • if there are any street lamps, BT columns or similar which may obstruct your proposed crossing, the utility company will move them if possible but you will be charged by the company
  • following a successful initial application, the NRSWA accredited individual will need to apply for a Section 171 licence to gain permission to excavate on the public highway. This should be submitted to RASWA.forms@leeds.gov.uk and will incur an additional fee of £322.90.
  • if a tree obstructs your proposed crossing you will need to contact Forestry for further advice on 0113 395 7400

Once considered, please complete our online form to request an inspection for a vehicle crossing External link.

What happens next

Once an application has been made a Highways Inspector will contact you and include a request for the relevant fee of £51.40.

Following this they will arrange an inspection and if everything is in order, you will get a commencement letter giving permission to proceed with construction.

Contact us


0113 222 4407

Requesting a mobility access kerb in your local area

Mobility Access kerbs allow level access for wheelchair users, mobility scooters and other mobility aid users. They can be provided for people who are having difficulty because of the height of kerbs in their area. There is no charge.

You can request a visit from an inspector who will come and decide whether a dropped kerb is needed. Our inspector may need you there during the visit to access the location. Please fill out the online form to request an inspection for a dropped kerbExternal link.

Requesting a disabled parking bay outside your house

A disabled parking bay is marked on the road outside or near to the property of a disabled person. The parking bay can be used by any car displaying a blue badge.

To get an application form for a disabled parking bay please call 0113 378 7279 or email HighwaysDisabledAccess@leeds.gov.uk.

To qualify you will need to have a current blue badge or be getting the mobility component of the Disability Living Allowance.

Any blue badge holder can use a disabled parking bay. They are not for the exclusive use of the person who applied.

Once we receive a completed application form we will make a site visit. Details of the proposed bay along with a letter and comments form are sent to neighbouring properties as part of a three week consultation.

If any valid objections are received we can’t go ahead with your application. If no valid objections are received, we will arrange for the bay to be created.

There is no charge for creating a disabled parking bay.

Use this form to give us your comments. Do not use it to give us personal information - please contact us if you need to get in touch.