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Cycling activities across Leeds for all abilities and skills.

Cycling activities



The Brownlee Centre and Bodington cycle circuitThe Brownlee Centre and Bodington cycle circuit<div class="ExternalClass5070034D0EDF45EFAA444A8406CF4ECA"><p>Bodington Playing Fields is home to The Brownlee Centre which is the UK’s first purpose-built triathlon training centre and sits alongside a new 1 mile (1.6km) Bodington cycle circuit, one of the longest in the country. </p><p>There are a number of ways to use the facility, including:</p><ul><li>events and races</li><li>pay and pedal sessions</li><li>free sessions</li><li>local club sessions</li><li>school sessions</li><li>cycle circuit hire</li></ul><p><a href="" rel="external">Visit the Bodington playing fields website for full details</a>.</p><h3>Location</h3><p>Bodington Playing Fields are located three miles north of the University of Leeds campus at:</p><p>Bodington Avenue <br> Adel <br> Leeds<br> LS16 8NA</p> <br></div>
Leeds Urban Bike Park - MiddletonLeeds Urban Bike Park - Middleton<div class="ExternalClass282E3D5DAD54447391433598EB63029B"><p>Leeds Urban Bike Park is a brand new state of the art mountain bike and BMX centre in Middleton Park, South of Leeds city centre.</p><p>Facilities include:</p><ul><li>tracks and trails for all abilities</li><li>a bike shop </li><li>servicing and repairs </li><li>coaching</li><li>café and cake shop</li></ul><p>Facebook: <a href="" rel="external">@leedsurbanbikepark</a></p><h3>Location</h3><p>Ring Road Beeston Park<br> Middleton<br> Leeds <br> LS10 3TN</p> <br></div>
Adapted cycling Adapted cycling <div class="ExternalClass20AFFEAA1758490486E420D5C77F4F36"><p>Herd Farm, Lineham Farm and the John Charles Centre for sport offer cycling activities for children, young people and adults with disabilities.</p> <br> <strong>Cycling experiences for children and young people with disabilities</strong> <p>Herd Farm and Lineham Farm offer cycling experiences for children and young people with disabilities aged 10 years and over.</p><p>Both centres offer a range of adapted bikes.</p><p>All bikes, staffing, safety equipment and instruction are provided.</p><p>Please contact the centres for further information and costs.</p><p></p><div class="text-block"> <strong> <a href="">Herd Farm</a></strong><br> Tel: 0113 393 0012<br> <p>Email: <strong> <a href=""></a></strong></p></div><div class="text-block"> <strong><a href="">Lineham Farm</a></strong><br> Tel:0113 230 0959<br> Email: <strong> <a href=""></a></strong> <p></p></div> <br> <strong>Adapted bikes at the John Charles Centre</strong> <p>Adapted Bike sessions are available at John Charles Centre for Sport.</p><p>The sessions:</p><ul><li>are suitable for both adults and children over the age of 5</li><li>have a variety of bikes available: quads, trikes, hand cycles, mountain trikes, bucket seat duel cycles, tandems</li><li>have back supports and seat belts on most cycles</li><li>have a member of staff is available to help at all sessions</li><li>have a hoist available</li></ul><p>You can also book a private session for a minimum of 6 people.</p><p>For more information and to book, please contact the <strong> <a href="">John Charles Centre for Sport</a></strong>. </p><div class="text-block"><p>Tel: 0113 395 0000<br> Email: <strong> <a href=""></a></strong><br></p></div> <br> <strong>British Cycling</strong> <p>You can find out more about <strong><a href="">paracyling and disability cycling hubs</a></strong> on the British Cycling website.<br></p><br></div>
Bikeability training for schoolsBikeability training for schools<div class="ExternalClass853A4E3F72714B908E5359B4D763FA81"><div class="text"> <p> <strong><a href="">Bikeability</a></strong> is government funded cycle training which is offered free of charge to all schools in Leeds. The training is provided by Cycle Leeds and is to a national standard. It aims to improve cycling skills for all levels.<br></p></div></div>
Cycling activity programmesCycling activity programmes<div class="ExternalClass1531D4555CBB4A11A25FF04A07FAD79C"><div class="text"><p>Unique cycling educational experiences are available at the West Leeds Activity Centre, Lineham Farm and Herd Farm.</p><p>Activities include on-site cycle challenges, BMX challenges, races, cycle maintenance and much more.</p><p>Please contact individual centres for further information and costs.<br></p><div class="text-block"><p><strong><a href="">Lineham Farm</a></strong><br> Tel:0113 230 0959<br> Email: <strong> <a href=""></a></strong><br></p></div> <br> <div class="text-block"><p><strong><a href="">Herd Farm</a></strong><br> Tel: 0113 393 0012<br> Email: <strong><a href=""></a></strong></p></div> <br> <div class="text-block"><p> <strong> <a href="">West Leeds Activity Centre</a></strong><br> Tel: 0113 336 7414<br> Email: <strong> <a href=""></a></strong></p> </div></div></div>
Fearnville Cycling HubFearnville Cycling Hub<div class="ExternalClassB16AED41664F4902B6B1316A525C141D"><div class="text"><p>This hub aims to encourage more people to get on a bike and be physically active regardless of age or cycling ability. Facilities include areas for safe cycling, a BMX track and a skate park.</p><p>Bikes are provided for many of the activities.</p><p>Contact the hub for further details.<br></p><div class="text-block"><p>Address:<br> Fearnville Leisure Centre<br> Oakwood Lane<br> Leeds<br> LS8 3LF</p><div><div class="text-block"><p>Tel: 07903 382633<br> Email: <strong> <a href="mailto:info@leedsbikehub">info@leedsbikehub</a></strong><a></a></p> <a> </a></div></div></div></div></div>

Events and social cycling

Let’s Ride

Join Let’s Ride for brilliant bike rides run by trained volunteers, including great cycling routes and lots of inspiration to get riding. This is great for families and beginners.

British Cycling

British Cycling has lots of ways for you to get involved in local clubs, cycling activities and events, whatever your level of ability or experience.

They have created a number of videos to help you get started or improve your skills.

Women's cycling

Join the Breeze network for women aim to inspire more women to get involved and grow in confidence in cycling. See their website for free cycle rides and guides to improve your skills.

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