Plan your cycle journey

Cycle routes, city centre bike storage, loans and maintenance and information about cycle to work schemes.

Planning your route

Leeds cycle maps



Local cycle routes Local cycle routes <div class="ExternalClass2F2B0230C47F47B9B7CA98064A1D7D58"><p>The following maps are to show cyclists routes primarily towards the city centre, but can also be used for leisurely cycling.</p><p> </p><p> <strong><a href="/docs/aireborough%20greenway%20a%20and%20b.pdf">Aireborough Greenway (PDF 0.9MB)</a></strong></p><p> <strong><a href="/docs/Alwoodley%20to%20City%20Centre%20Cycle%20Route.pdf">Alwoodley to city centre (PDF 6MB)</a></strong></p><p> <strong> <a href="/docs/Armley%2012pp%20DL%20concertina%20fold%20MR%20WEB.pdf">Armley to city centre (PDF 3.8MB)</a></strong></p><p> <strong><a href="/docs/Garforth%20Active%20Travel%20Map%20-%20WEB.pdf">Garforth Active travel map (PDF 3.1MB)</a></strong></p><p> <strong><a href="/docs/Garforth%2012pp%20DL%20concertina%20fold%20MR%20WEB.pdf">Garforth to city centre (PDF 3.2MB)</a></strong> </p><p> <strong><a href="/docs/Horsforth%20Active%20Travel%20Map.pdf">Horsforth Active Travel Map (PDF 1MB)</a></strong></p><p> <strong><a href="/docs/Kippax,%20Swillington%20and%20Allerton%20Bywater%20ATM%20-%20Final%20Draft.pdf">Kippax Active travel map (PDF 2.7MB)</a></strong></p><p> <strong> <a href="/docs/Kirkstall%20Brewery%20to%20City%20Centre.pdf">Kirkstall Brewery to city centre (PDF 0.96MB)</a></strong></p><p> <strong><a href="/docs/Middleton%20to%20City%20Centre%20Cycle%20Route.pdf">Middleton to city centre (PDF 2.5MB)</a></strong></p><p> <strong><a href="/docs/Wetherby%20Railway%20Path.pdf">The Wetherby Railway path (PDF 0.76MB)</a></strong></p><p> <strong><a href="/docs/West%20Park%20to%20City%20Centre%20Cycle%20Route.pdf">West Park to city centre (PDF 3MB)</a></strong></p><p> <strong><a href="/docs/Wyke%20Beck%20Way%20Cycle%20Route.pdf">Wyke Beck Way (PDF 2.1MB)</a></strong></p><p> <strong> <a href="/docs/Rawdon%20map.pdf">Yeadon and Rawdon Active travel map (PDF 1.8MB)</a></strong></p><p> </p><div class="text-highlight" role="note" aria-label="Information"><p>Paper copies are usually available at local leisure centres and bike hubs. Maps are always available at Merrion House, Merrion Way, Leeds LS2 8BB. You can also obtain copies free of charge from the Influencing Travel Behaviour Team by e-mailing <a href=""></a> <br></p></div> </div> <br>

Interactive maps

View cycle routes using City Connect's interactive map or use the cycle journey planner to plan your route step by step.

Cycle parking

Find cycle parking using City Connect's interactive map.

Cycle to work schemes

The Bike Hub

The Bike hub allows employees to benefit from a long term loan of bikes and commuting equipment such as lights, locks and panniers completely tax free.

Ride to work

Make a saving on bikes and equipment with Evans Cycles' Ride-to-work scheme.

Bike loans

Yorkshire bike libraries

You can loan a bike for children and families from one of the bike libraries across Leeds to help you get started. There are 13 Bike Libraries in Leeds, and 5 sites where you can donate an unused bike to the scheme.

Bike maintenance

Bike repairs at The Pedallers’ Arms

Learn how to repair a bike with regular friendly drop in sessions and other bike related events at the Pedallers’ Arms.