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It’s never been easier to get trading. The Markets Service is always happy to hear from anybody who wants to open up a stall whether you’re an old hand or a complete beginner.

There are usually stalls available and you’ll find vast choice of markets across a number of locations in Leeds.

View a list of our current traders and stall locations:

New trader incentive

Thinking about trading on our markets? Want to try us on for size?

If you’ve thought about running your own business but are limited by start up costs, rents and rates, we have an opportunity to see where your business could ‘fit’.

We are offering four weeks at a special deal. Sign up to four weeks and pay half rent for the first two and the next two will be free of charge. This is a great opportunity for new traders and existing stall holders who might want to try trading at one of our district markets.

Contact the Markets Team today and start your journey as a market trader.

Telephone: 0113 378 1950


Which market would you like to trade at?



Farmers MarketsFarmers Markets<a class="equal-item" href="/_layouts/15/FIXUPREDIRECT.ASPX?WebId=03d665fd-f4c4-4781-a850-f14b31727668&TermSetId=9e7b1f80-6c97-44bc-a573-4fada6ef235d&TermId=9e330020-b91b-4939-8d2e-b1016c30f4c4"> <img alt="Farmers market icon" src="/leedsmarkets/PublishingImages/icons/icon-main-farmers.png" />FARMERS MARKET</a>
Leeds marketsLeeds markets<a class="equal-item" href="/_layouts/15/FIXUPREDIRECT.ASPX?WebId=03d665fd-f4c4-4781-a850-f14b31727668&TermSetId=9e7b1f80-6c97-44bc-a573-4fada6ef235d&TermId=4487340d-6e7e-4f9d-9795-4edff92ed138"><img alt="Kirkgate Market icon" src="/leedsmarkets/PublishingImages/icons/icon-main-kirkgate.png" />LOCAL MARKETS</a><br>
Leeds marketsLeeds markets<a class="equal-item" href="/_layouts/15/FIXUPREDIRECT.ASPX?WebId=03d665fd-f4c4-4781-a850-f14b31727668&TermSetId=9e7b1f80-6c97-44bc-a573-4fada6ef235d&TermId=c04ad6e7-f13c-4896-9323-bfd0e44ef1aa"><img alt="local icon" src="/leedsmarkets/PublishingImages/icons/icon-main-local.png" />SPECIALIST MARKETS</a><br>
Speciality MarketsSpeciality Markets<a href="/_layouts/15/FIXUPREDIRECT.ASPX?WebId=03d665fd-f4c4-4781-a850-f14b31727668&TermSetId=9e7b1f80-6c97-44bc-a573-4fada6ef235d&TermId=625aec65-7cb0-4be4-bde7-431b442f4c66" class="equal-item"><img alt="Speciality icon" src="/leedsmarkets/PublishingImages/icons/icon-main-speciality.png" style="border:0px solid;" />KIRKGATE MARKET</a>

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