Kirkgate Market traders list

This is a current list of the traders and their locations at Kirkgate Market. The list is in order of the product and service type.


A categories
Art and suppliesHallUnit
Coles Gallery external link1904 Hall16


B categories
Bluebird Bakery external link1875 Hall28A
Firth & Payne1904 HallE
Karpaty Bakery external link1904 HallJ
Beds and bedding
Beds and beddingHallUnit
Bed Shop1981 Hall473
Cozy BedsUpper 1976 Hall71
Tony's Bedding Shop1981 Hall502 to 503
Beauty and nails
Beauty and nailsHallUnit
Annie's Beauty Salon1904 Hall21
Hollywood Nails1904 HallS
Nail Fairy external link1875 Hall238
Nuad Thai Born Spa Massage1981 Hall467 to 468
R K Nails1981 Hall476
Bennetts1875 Hall29
JP Johnston1875 Hall233
Malcolm Michaels external link1875 HallBS3 and BS2
N Gifford1981 Hall225
Sterling Meat Company external link1875 Hall277, 279 and 281


C categories
See 'Street food and cafés'
Lisa Jayne's Cards1981 Hall469 to 470
Wilde about Cards1904 Hall20
CDs, DVDs, games and recordsHallUnit
Gamechanger external link1981 Hall462
Too Damn Loud external link1981 Hall438 to 439
Clothing and shoesHallUnit
Amigo ClothingUpper 1976 Hall68 to 69
Bhardwaj Clothing (nightwear)1981 Hall413
Classic Clothes1981 Hall418
Ego (workwear)1981 Hall477, 478 and 479
Glamour1981 Hall403
Handa FashionsUpper 1976 Hall31
Intrigue external link1981 Hall405 to 406
Kool KidsUpper 1976 Hall72 to 73
Myers Cardigan Shop1904 Hall22A
Pocket Friendly Fashions external link1904 HallK
Respect My 20 external linkUpper 1976 Hall28
Rita’s African Clothing1981 Hall412
Sports Shoes Trainers1904 Hall2A
Uprise Design1981 Hall474 to 475
Card Empire external link1981 Hall407 to 409
Cosmetics and fragrancesHallUnit
Emirates Fragrances external linkUpper 1976 Hall36 to 37
The Look1981 Hall435 and 443
Zest1981 Hall463 to 464


F categories
Fabrics, haberdashery and woolsHallUnit
B&M Fabrics external linkUpper 1976 Hall37 to 39 and 29 to 30
Fletchers FabricsUpper 1976 Hall76 and 105
Habiknit external link1904 Hall2 to 6
Jack Fabrics1981 Hall487 to 488
Sewing Machine Shop1904 Hall17
Hayes Seafood external link1875 HallBS4A
Ramsdens external link1875 Hall27A
R Bethell1875 Hall321
S Myers external link1875 Hall319
Tarbetts external link1875 Hall326 to 327
TE Bethell1875 Hall320
Welhams1875 Hall27B
Flowers and plantsHallUnit
Browns external link1904 HallUnit C
Flower stall1904 HallUnit 5B
Flower stall1904 HallUnit 6A
M&D Flowers1904 HallUnit P
Fresh produceHallUnit
AJ Afro Caribbean (food)1981 Hall410
Aryan (olives/nuts/Turkish delight)1904 HallA
Baobob Tree (South African foods) external link1904 Hall15
Dale Farm Foods1981 Hall423 to 433
Everyday EssentialsUpper 1976 Hall1
Neils (fruit and veg) external link1875 Hall30
Neils Continental (fruit and veg)1981 Hall447
Olivers (fruit and veg)1904 HallD
The Nut Shop (cake baking) external link1904 HallV
The Jar Tree (zero waste food store) external link1875 HallBS2
Tony Banks (fruit and veg)1875 Hall227
Whitakers Eggs1981 Hall436 and 442
Whitakers Cheese and Dairy1875 Hall321 and 325


G categories
The Owl external link1875 Hall328 to 331


H categories
Hair Salon and productsHallUnit
Brian's Barbers1904 Hall26B
Gallery Barbers1904 Hall10 to 11
Glamour Hair & Beauty1981 Hall437
Hair Extensions1904 HallUnit G
Hair Salon1904 HallUnit H and I
Hair Station1981 Hall489 to 487A
Josephine African Hair Studio1981 Hall490
Maya Hair Salon1875 HallH
Herbal remedies and supplementsHallUnit
Herbsville external link1981 Hall440 to 441
Herbs and spicesHallUnit
Rafi's Spice Box external link1875 Hall28
Spice CornerUpper 1976 Hall106 to 107
Homeware, furnishings and appliancesHallUnit
Carpets & Rugs1981 Hall431
Don Little Appliances1981 Hall415
Emmaus charity external link1981 Hall427 to 428 and 450 to 451
Greenmount external link1875 Hall32
Market Bazaar1981 Hall425 to 426
Rise & Shine Furniture1981 Hall459 to 461
Roman Furniture1981 Hall429 to 430 and 448 to 449
Sheela Stores1875 HallK6
Sheela StoresUpper 1976 Hall2
Stylish Rugs1981 Hall457
The Rug Shop1981 Hall444 to 446
Dorothy Goodall1904 Hall12
Pennine Hosiery1875 HallK8


J categories
Abacus Jewellers1904 Hall18
Around a Pound (costume jewellery)Upper 1976 Hall34 to 35
Dream Jewellers1904 HallN
Keelings Jewellery1981 Hall504 to 513
Premier Jewellers1904 HallF
Star Accessories (costume jewellery)1981 Hall452 to 453


L categories
Library and Community Hub1875 Hall280 and 282


M categories
Mobile phones, repairs and accessoriesHallUnit
D&Y Phones1981 Hall434
Mobile Phone & Gadget1981 Hall404
Phone & Gadget Shop1904 Hall24 to 26
Phone Clinic1904 Hall1A
Phone Empire1981 Hall494 to 496
Top Fone1981 Hall503 to 512
World Communication1875 Hall240


N categories
Kirkgate News1904 Hall21A and 26C
Take a Break1981 Hall419


P categories
Pet shopHallUnit
The Pet Shop1875 Hall237
Max Spielmann external link1904 Hall14


R categories
Repairs, tailoring and alterationsHallUnit
Laxmi (tailor)1875 HallK9
Red Sea Tailoring1981 Hall458
TimpsonsUpper 1976 Hall7
Vena (tailoring and alterations)1904 Hall7 to 9
See 'Street food and cafés'


S categories
Adam&Eco external link1904 Hall19
Street food and cafésHallUnit
Bahn & Mee external linkMarket KitchenCafé G
Breakfast Cottage Café1981 Hall465 to 466
Brunch Café1875 Hall253 to 255
Café Express (BLUE)1904 HallX
Café Express (RED)1904 HallL
Café-Tea-Aire Teapot external linkMarket KitchenCafé C
Cargo Crepe external linkMarket KitchenCafé I
Casa Mexica external link1904 HallQ
Curry & Kebab House1981 Hall455
Fat Annie's external linkMarket KitchenCafé F
Fisherman's Wife external linkMArket KitchenCafé J
Hot BiteUpper 1976 Hall27
Istanbul BakeryMarket KitchenCafé A
Jenny's Jerk Chicken external linkMarket KitchenCafé D
Kanassa external linkMarket KitchenCafé K
Khao Gaeng Thai1904 Hall1
Kirkgate Market Café1981 Hall422 to 423
Manjit's Kitchen external linkMarket KitchenCafé E
Marks & Spencer external link1904 HallT
Maxi's RotisserieUpper 1976 Hall3
M'Deena1904 HallB
Mr Mackerel external linkMarket KitchenCafé H
OWT external link1875 HallBS4B
Sweet Saeeda external link1981 Hall411
Turkish DelightUpper 1976 Hall4
Yorkshire Wrap external linkMarket KitchenCafé B
Yummi Sushi external link1981 Hall456
Browns1904 HallM
Sweetman1981 Hall491 to 492


T categories
Tool Box external link1981 Hall416 to 417
Card Empire external link1981 Hall407 to 409
Toyshop1981 Hall420 to 421