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Leeds is renowned for its retail culture from high end centres like Victoria Quarter, home to Harvey Nichols, Vivienne Westwood and Louis Vuitton to Victorian arcades full of independent retailers and a growing number of vintage shops offering an alternative to the high street.

Our markets play a huge part in attracting shoppers to the city for everything from fresh fruit, vegetables, meat, game and fish to those must have fashion staples and unusual crafts and gifts. With Leeds Kirkgate Market based in the city centre we provide a wide mix of markets for those who like everything in one place including speciality markets like Undiscovered arts and crafts market, an Asian Bazaar and a regular flea market for those one off finds.

Looking further afield we also bring a vibrant shopping experience to local communities with local markets at Otley, Pudsey and Yeadon and a regular programme of Farmer’s markets. In addition to these the city is now home to vast array of street traders selling everything from street food to gifts and toys.

We’re also proud to help local communities develop their own markets providing licences for everything from new deli markets to pop up fairs and village hall sales.

We hope you enjoy finding out about the markets and visiting them as much as we enjoy creating and running them!