Discounts for disabled people

1. Apply for a discount for properties occupied by disabled people

If someone living at your address is permanently disabled, you might be able to get a discount on your council tax.

One of the following must apply for a discount to be granted:

  • the disabled person uses a wheelchair indoors
  • the property has a second bathroom or kitchen for the use of the person with the disability
  • a room in the property is used for a special purpose, for example, dialysis

Things like stairlifts, handrails and other fixtures on their own do not qualify for the reduction.

Apply for a discount

If a reduction is granted, the council tax for the property will be charged at the rate of the band below it.

Example: if the property is at band C then the council tax payable will be at a band B rate. A reduction is also available for band A properties. Find your council tax property band.

To apply for a discount, download and complete the claim form:

Hand completed forms in to a One Stop Centre or post them to us at:

Leeds City Council
P.O. Box 60

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