Bands and charges

Find out which council tax band your property is in and how much you have to pay.

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If your home has been built recently it may not have a council tax band yet. If you are unable to find your property details, contact the Valuation Office Agency for information on your property’s council tax band.

Council tax bands and charges 2019/20

Each property in Leeds is in one of these council tax bands:

Council tax bands for properties in Leeds
BandAnnual council tax charge
A (reduced rate for disability discount)£913.83

Changes to bands

There are some circumstances when the Valuation Office Agency (VOA) may change the council tax band of a property. These include structural alterations and similar properties in the area being rebanded.

If you think your band is wrong

The VOA is responsible for deciding which band a property is in.

You might be able to challenge your council tax band if you think it is wrong. Find out how to make an appeal.

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