Clean Air Leeds

Our air quality is improving. Let's keep it that way.

Air pollution and air quality in Leeds

Find out more about air quality in Leeds and how we are working to improve it in the executive summary of our annual status report.

What we are doing about air pollution

Find out what steps Leeds is taking to reduce air pollution emissions in the city

How to reduce your emissions

How to reduce your air pollution emissions, from simple daily changes to more sustainable ways of ways of working

Protect yourself from air pollution

​​Find out about the causes and health effects of air pollution, who is at risk and what you can do to protect yourself.

Report air quality and pollution issues

Find out about smoke control areas in Leeds and how to report issues with air quality, light pollution, dust and smoke

Watch a video about air pollution in Leeds

We’ve produced an 11 minute video featuring all of the key information from this Clean Air Leeds website